basket of babble :: Heidi update

Heidi is coming out of her shell and it sounds & looks like this "nah gab bah bab.  blow raspberries."  climb into basket.  squint at mama.  kiss every picture in every book book (but not mama).

She is a hoot!  Still ridiculously good natured, but less likely to smile, more likely to squint and purse her lips.

She's entered the stage where she actually PLAYS independently!  Digging into baskets looking for a toy...then choosing the least fun thing in there (one puzzle piece, silk scarf, drum stick).  She's dancing with us, climbing onto my lap for cuddles and story time, signing "more" and "all done"...

But mostly, she's CLIMBING INTO BASKETS for her own reading time.  Here are just two photos of her favorite activity.  If only I could teach her to put things back INTO the basket once she climbs out :)


  1. She has such beautiful eyes! I CANNOT wait to read to her too! :)

  2. The "Everyone poops" book just happens to be right next to her as she give a bi smile!!


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