a vintage Easter

From our nest (literally) to yours,
The lightest end is the natural color of the egg.  Next year I will make many many more of these beauties!

My camera has been BEGGING for some Hazel time and her Easter outfit provided oodles of inspiration!  Her dress, slip, silver bracelet and the tablecloth are compliments of her Kosker Grandparents who specialize in antique clothing.  If you live in PA, Ohio or Maryland and would like some vintage clothing/accessories, email me and I'll let you know when "Almost Antiques" will be in your area (they also take requests and are willing to communicate via email and ship the items)!

In preparation for Easter morning, we invited the Easter bunny over for a tea party.  Rest assured, Easter bunny left our neck of the woods in good spirits and with plenty of energy to visit your house :)


and because I simply couldn't handle the sweetness of this vintage slip, Hazel braved the chilly evening for one more photo.  I truly didn't tell her to tilt her hat and hide her face for these photos... it just so happens that these are my favorite and this was her most common pose.  She is such a natural!

OR WHAT REALLY HAPPENED:  Hazel fell in love with the Easter bunny and decided to run away to be his assistant.  Knowing I wouldn't want her to dirty her dress, she cast it aside and headed off in her slip.

hat:  BonTon; shoes:  Kohls; bunny:  Pottery Barn; suitcase: metal tea set from ? specialty store; tea set used in photos:  vintage plastic set given to Hazel from an elderly friend from church


  1. Adorable and beautiful! She is a natural! Happy Easter Koskers!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Julie! She's a knockout :)

  3. what a poser! I wonder if I could borrow those sandals? They're faaaahbulous!


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