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Yesterday's post really buoyed my spirits.  Connecting through comments, facebook and conversations, I was reaffirmed by my mama idols all.day.long.  I think Hazel's Sunday School teacher said it best:

  • You are a mother who is trying her hardest to be the best Mom she can be, just like her Mom was to her. You are no different, worse or better, than other Moms who are also trying. The difference is in your heart, Julie. You care so much with the love in your heart that you think and feel you should be soooo much better, therefore the tendency is too feel guilty or inadequate. Don't, you are a human mother who can only do so much. The difference that makes you a better Mom, is because you do it with caring, and love in your heart, and you meet the needs of the ones who matter most. They love you because you are MOM. Not Wonder Woman.
So, continuing with taking the pressure OFF... Here's my plan for the weekend:

Just giving myself this freedom makes me feel so motivated.  How's that for reverse psychology?  


  1. Your posts yesterday and today go very well with this blog post that I stumbled upon today:


    I think your posts and this one help Moms like me know that we don't have to do everything. The most important thing is that we LOVE our kids and show them in the best way we can...and they know we love them.

    Elizabeth King

    1. That IS the article that inspired me yesterday :) Great minds think alike! Thanks for commenting Elizabeth!

    2. Hahahaha! It's entirely possible that I stumbled upon the article from you link. Sometimes I'm just that scatterbrained!

  2. Replies
    1. It certainly worked out good for you... I was inspired enough to make a yummy meal to share with you :)

    2. Yes it did! Maybe it's like our response to the gifts we have from God. If we could change our thought process from "I should" to "I get to...", it makes all the difference in how we approach our daily tasks. Yep, I'll keep workin' on that one too :)


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