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I keep vowing to stop posting spontaneously in the early hours of the morning... but I simply can't help myself!

Hazel update:
LOOK OUT world!  She's 2 going on 13 and I have to admit, this mama is SCARED ;)  She's mastered the "ok OK" while raising both hands in surrender.  She's mastered the *exhale*, "MAMA... I can eat at Llamas/ sit on the couch/ other incredibly obvious option that infers that I'm a complete moron".

She has her OWN trample proof garden!
Hazel's potato patch 

She's mastered the memorization of books.  My cousin, Willem, did that as a wee one and now he's an unbelievably talented actor.  Perhaps Hazel will follow in his footsteps?  I'm constantly surprised if I pause while reading because she simply picks up where I left off!  There are only a few books that she can recite word for word, but every other book she can recite fill-in-the-blank style!

One of our favorite books, ,tells the sweet story of a baby trying to explain to his dad how much he loves him.  But that tricky daddy out loves him every time!  The last line in the book is "I love you to the moon" to which daddy adds, "I love you to the moon AND back".  So, my very favorite thing in the world is to tell Hazel "I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON" and to hear her reply "aaaaaaaand BACK"!

"I got a prise for you".  Hazel is really into SURPRISES!  In fact, the entire time I've been writing this, she has been interrupting me with that phrase while holding out two closed fists.  She loves to play the "guess what hand ___ is in".  Typically, one hand is thrust under my nose while the other remains close to her body.  If I mistakenly choose the hand closest to her, well, she gives me a closed lip grin and opens the one closest to me anyway.  Sometimes there's NOTHING in either hand.  *Giggle giggle* "TRICKED EWW!", sometimes there's "one TWO kix for EWW!" and sometimes there are kix cereals in BOTH hands "For EWW and for ME!"

As for the Kix, I "surprised" her this morning with a box of PURPLE KIX!  "Eww buy dat for ME? at da STORE?  *gasp* Ahnk eww Mama!"  (Did you buy that for me?  At the store?  Thank you, Mama!).  Folks, every single thing I buy at the store gets that response.  It's rather brilliant of her because it makes me want to buy her extra special treats!  I get thanked for the cheese, the bread, the grapes and especially the new Dora toothbrush.

Time to sign-off... she is literally feeding me "ALL da PURPLE ones".  All I have to do is show her them after they're in my mouth.  It seems she likes SEE food ;)


  1. Isn't this age amazing? About 80% of the time, Caleb surprises me in fun, silly, amazing ways and I think "how did I manage to raise this little man to be so awesome?"

    And the other 20%... well let's not talk about that. Let's just say we still have moments when I think "you must have inherited that naughtiness from your father!!!" (even though I know full well it was me).

  2. Wow! I'm impressed Hazel! You are one smart little girl! Maybe next time i visit you can share your purple (i'm gasping b/c i had no idea they made them purple) with me! I'd like them in the form of a surprise;)


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