She's a peach :: party recap

There's NOTHING out there for a "She's a peach" party.  So, I'm going to share every little detail with you in case you have spent hours scouring the web in hopes of party ideas :)  If so, welcome to KoskersIdlewild!

The party was fabulous (despite my sinus infection)!  We enjoyed a small gathering of family and friends... keeping the guest list especially small since it was an indoor party.  I had a BLAST planning this party!  I've promised my nearest and dearest that I won't set the bar this high for future birthday parties.  However, I REALLY love planning a themed party... so I might pull out all the stops at some point in the future :)

First things first:  If you want to throw a SHE'S A PEACH PARTY, you need to know something... THIS ISN'T A BONAFIDE THEME!  You won't find pre-made peachy keen decorations anywhere!

Second, you can pull-off this party even when peaches are not in season IF and only IF, you have a flat of peaches that you canned 3 years ago... forgot about... and re-found in time for the party :)  BooYah!*

*I don't talk like this in real life.  Someday I'll tell you about the super cool, uber successful friend from my past who once said that and was then tortured throughout High School.  Is it too late to take him up on the date offer?

The INVITATION:  I highly recommend "borrowing" graphics from the James and the Giant Peach party pack :)  Then, I used the GoogleDocs drawing program to make my own evite (we're sooo green).

The DECOR:  

  • I bought a pack of coral scrapbook paper (on clearance!) and used the pinkish and orangish sheets to make cheery birthday banners (3" wide, 6" long.  strung on peach string.  easy peasy).  Two of the banners also display some of my favorite photos from Heidi-loo-who's first year.  
  • The dessert tree is a family favorite:  our PIE TREE has been used in a handful of weddings, present company included.  
  • The peach pom poms (or warm fuzzies as we Lutherlyn people call them) were hand-made by me during some productive TV time (how often can we say that?).  Here's a simple tutorial for you pom pom virgins :)
  • The peach striped straws were one of my favorite parts!  I scoured the web for anything peach and these were truly the ONLY party decoration that is peach.  Fortunately, I spend enough time on Pinterest to know that striped straws are a must have for any party.  I offered some with flags (She's a Peach or Heidi is #1) and some without.
  • The CHALKBOARD FRIDGE was painted by me, not for the party, but this is it's grand unveiling, and decorated by Farmer Jake for the party.  
  • The buffet isn't really decorated, but I do like to use cards as holiday appropriate decor!  
  • The KIDS TABLE was my favorite part!  We "planted" a tree through the table's umbrella hole and hung mini felted peaches.  Before they left, the kids who attended the party got to PICK A PEACH and take it home!  We also had lots of window markers and crayons and let the kids draw an orchard on our sliding glass door.  The artists were 2 years old... orchard shmorchard ;)
The two best decorations came from my new Etsy sponsors.  I can't say enough about these two ladies!  I would be tickled pink peach if you headed over to their shops for your next shin dig!  

To take your party to the next level, head over to IsaKay Boutique.  These straws can snazz up any table.  It's in the details... 

I have filled Irina from MyLittleKawaii's email inbox simply because I find her so delightful.  One perk of Etsy, is that you get to be picky about who you buy from.  I always check the geographic location and bio of the artists.  Check out this woman, you will be intrigued!  She lives in Chicago AND Austria, but was born in Russia.  For the record, that's all it takes to get a wanderlust blogger like me to pull out my credit card ;)  I can't wait to show you what I'm buying from her for my Christmas decorations.  But enough about her for now... there will be another post in the future ;)  So, WHO WANTS TO PICK A PEACH?  It's simply not right to love a piece of felted fruit as much as I do!


  • Peach Salsa from Corner Cupboard.  I was going to make my own, but upon hearing a hint of mania in my voice, my sister suggested I try to find some premade stuff.  Fortunately, I found it on the first try and sent my dad out to get it (he was in the area anyway).
  • Peach-glazed meatballs
  • Peach-Whiskey Barbecue Chicken (this one was a HUGE hit... every single recipe I've ever used from Pioneer Woman has been amazing)
  • Baked brie with peach preserves (made by my friend, Bre... of course :)
  • Passionate Peach wine from Johnson Estate Winery (which I recently visited with Bre!)
  • White peach mead made by our friends/guests Ty and Jason (clearly I invite party guests based on their peach repertoire)
  • Peach lemonade.  I simply pureed a few jars of my canned peaches and added it to lemonade mix.  YUM!
  • Peach ring gummies.  My sister and I inhaled these as kids.  As a mature adult, I never buy them, so I was excited to have a reason to indulge once again!
  • Peach flips (made by my father-in-law.  A family tradition, though typically made with apricot filling.)
  • Peach pie.  I had 3 jars left of previously canned peach pie filling.  Since it takes 3 jars to make a pie, I felt like the Universe was smiling down on me ;)
  • the pièce de résistance... PEACHES AND CREAM CUPCAKES, TOPPED WITH ROSES FOR HEIDI ROSE!  Seriously, if you get the chance to name a daughter Rose, DO IT, just so you can make these EASY edible roses for every milestone in her life.  I know I am!   
    • We LOVED this cupcake recipe (link above)!  We're not big cake people and these moist cupcakes were more like an apple cake or sweet bread.  The perfect texture and sweetness!  The icing was incredibly easy too!
    • As for the ROSES, I am VERY proud of them!  I found the idea in Disney's Family Fun magazine (which my Aunt gives me all her back issues... thanks Aunt Laney!).  Here's the link to their instructions... word-to-the-wise:  buy STRAWBERRY fruit by the foot (kudos if your stores actually sell just boxes of strawberry, I had to buy 4 boxes of mixed assortment).  Hazel does not think this is a problem.  But seriously, the other flavors do not have the wavy center line, so they don't work!

and best for last,

the GIRL:

My smother-in-law (what we call Jake's step mom, not because either m-i-l smothers me!  Ha!) offered to get Heidi a handmade dress for her 1st birthday.  We did the same thing for Hazel.  My criteria was that it must work as a dress for year 1, a tunic for age 2 and a tank/shirt for age 3.  I fell head-over-heels in love with this design by Adelaide Original (who, like the other Etsy sellers mentioned above, quickly became an internet friend.  I love technology!).  This dress has lots of shearing in the back and completely adjustable straps.  As you can see, Gamma also had a matching dress made for Heidi's new baby doll.  AND Hazel got a coordinating skirt.  Guess what my girls will be wearing for our upcoming orchard themed family photo shoot (yes, I'm overly into this whole theme thing right now)?

As for the cake, Heidi definitely approved!  The wheel barrow was a gift from Heidi's friend who spends the week days with us.  The kids immediately began clamoring for turns pushing it around the house.  Can't wait to see what CHORES I can get them to do in the yard!

Phew, that's a wrap folks.  Anyone want to give me a prize for the most links in one post?  


  1. Wow..you did an awesome job!! I'm so sorry I missed it :( The decorations are absolutely adorable! Btw...the BBQ chx recipe looks ah-ma-zing! I can't wait to try :)

  2. Julie, I am quite impressed! How fun! The decorations are wonderful. Job well done, Mama!

  3. What a fun party theme! Thanks for linking to the Peaches and Cream Cupcakes! :)

  4. I love the theme!! I really LOVE the roses on the cupcakes!! Impressive!! Earlier today I found some rose bundt and minicake pans (yes skymall has everything): http://www.skymall.com/shopping/subdept.htm?action=1&SearchHandle=RD0yNH5HPTU4ODJeMn5JPVByaWNlfks9NH5MPTF_TT02fg&PageSettings=&Page=3&pIndexRefresh=no&c=69753853

    1. hahaha! I LOVE Skymall catalogs! I think I even blogged about it once... They do have EVERYTHING!

  5. I love this! Great job! Though, I have to laugh because, being allergic to peaches, this all would be put me in the hospital! But I love the attention to detail.


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