setting boundaries

After last week's self exploration, I truly feel re-inspired and refreshed.  Continuing on that theme, I'm setting some boundaries/ goals (which I am currently breaking, but until I post this, they don't actually start).
  • My family is my priority.  If something doesn't give them joy, security or nourishment... it's NOT important!
impossible to snap a quality Easter morning pic in the rush to get to church... WHO CARES...these two are so precious!
  • I cannot control others and it's time I stop feeling responsible for other's actions.  Happiness is a choice!
  • I only answer the phone between 8am-9pm... baring a life/death emergency, which I probably won't know about because I've stopped keeping my phone next to my bed.
  • I will be posting new blog posts on MONDAY MORNINGS.  No more of this, "Here is what I'm thinking about at 7am while I drink my coffee" (anyone notice that theme this past year?).  That means I will not be online throughout the day!  Nope, I will be LIVING LIFE... and in return... have more interesting topics to blog about.  I may post more often, but Monday mornings are the sure thing.  Farmer Jake's favorite (non-wife...I'm sure I'm his favorite wife) blogger does that and he's encouraged me to set a regular posting time for years.  I DO listen after all ;)
  • Pairing with reducing my day time online time, I'm regaining control of our TV.  When Heidi was born, I had to force Hazel to start watching TV (netflix tv shows, so mostly PBS series and no commercials... I do have some control!).  It was how I coped with that lack of sleep phase of life.  It's now become a constant battle.  The TV is becoming her BFF and more often than not, I let her watch "just one show", which becomes "one more till Mama is done with ___".  Now that it's nice out, I'm turning it OFF!  
    • WAIT... I don't have the strength to say NO or to turn it off when I'm tired/ cooking/ comforting other children.  So, the TV is leaving the house.  It's only temporary, until habits are broken and Hazel rediscovers that her imagination is way more fun than dancing to Super Why's theme song.
  • Our family diet:  Now, I've grown in this area and do one thousands times better than I did in the past.  However, there are many days when out of fatigue or distraction, dinner feels like such a burden and veggies turn to slime in the fridge.  Yesterday I prepped 4 meals, each large enough for 2 separate meals.  It was a lot of work, but my freezer is well stocked.  I'm going to do this 2xs a month.
    • Hazel LOVES her "treats".  Easter put us over the edge.  Luckily for me, there are healthy treats that she loves:  purple grapes, cherry tomatoes, and edamame... esp the ones that come in tiny Dora packaging.  Seriously, last night I had to say "NO MORE TOMATOES UNTIL AFTER DINNER".  And I think I have problems :)  So, I need to keep her healthy treats stocked and ready to consume (since it takes sooo much work to rinse produce as opposed to tearing open a pack of gummies)

Easter + EDGE = Toddler with a nose ring
    • Mama LOVES her sugar & caffeine.  I wasn't a coffee addict until I had my first baby and no longer slept for more than a few hours at a time.  I went from a woman who NEVER got out of bed (bladder be damned) to a woman who NEVER stays in bed for more than about 3-5 hours.  When I was pregnant with Heidi, I detoxed from the coffee habit, but was thrilled to have a reason to start again after her birth.  She's 1 now and truth be told, only awakens me once or twice a night and only for a few minutes at a time.  NOT TODAY, but it's on my list of goals ;)  
      • "Open Happiness"... coke... oh how I love thee!  I've given myself permission to drink 1 coke every afternoon for the past year (see above reasons).  Years ago, my hubby set out 39 g of sugar to show me how much sugar was in one can.  That really ticked me off.  TRUTH HURTS!  Last Wednesday I drank my last one... and am refusing to buy more!  Baby steps to break the sugar and caffeine addictions :)



  1. I feel your pain about the soda addiction!!! I was addicted to coca-cola for years and years, and finally decided enough was enough and gave it up a few months ago! I think I'm going on 2 months with absolutely NO pop, and I can't complain :) Now you've got me motivated to make a goals list for this spring too!! Thanks :) btw, the pic of hazel is just adorable...so much attitude, haha.

  2. lOVE those sweet pictures of our gdaughters...
    Way To Go, Sweetie...
    Goals, motivation, no coke, no tv, no caffeine and no gummie bears?????
    Wow...wishing you all the happiness in the world...
    (How long is the tv going to be gone???)

  3. I'm inspired! It's good to look at life, re-consider and make changes as needed. Way to go! And good luck. I know those aren't always easy!


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