second thoughts

It's Day 2 of NO TV in the house.  Yes, we really did take it out  (though it's hiding in a closet, don't tell the kids).  I am being 100% honest in that if it was still in the living room, I would use it (and did use it right up until 7:45am yesterday when hubby followed through on our plan).

My two major goals for the week didn't seem connected:  quit the afternoon caffeine habit (via Coke) and NO TV AT ALL.  It's 4:27pm on Day 2 (did I mention that already) and I'm CHUGGING a cup of java.  If bending the rules was a super power, I would be... uhhh... Superwoman (I don't know many super heros).  Word to the wise, SAVE YOURSELF and stay on caffeine if you decide to break the TV habit (for yourself too, sigh).

There were quite a few TANTRUMS on Day 1 from the Hazelnator.  "But I want to watch Go Diego Go/ Super Why/ Blues Clues!"  "No, honey, we don't have a TV right now"  *cue crocodile tears and fling self to couch*.  Only having Netflix TV has the non-commercial perk, but it also means that to Hazel, every show is available every minute of the day.

There have been NO TANTRUMS today, but I'm about ready to start the crocodile tears and fling self to couch.  Oh sweet Lord, I'm worn out!

We have increased our book reading, enjoyed puppet shows (which consist of the toddlers feeding my puppet and the puppet saying "YUCK" which they find HILARIOUS.  I missed my calling in life... they make me feel like the best comedian who ever lived.), played with toys that have been ignored and invented a few new games.

I have high hopes for Day 3... which hopefully doesn't culminate with me hiding in the bathroom watching Netflix on my laptop :)  NO, I can do this!

Here are my inspiration:

Hazel and Logan (with whom I'm lucky enough to spend many week days with).  They are delightful photography props children, bursting with energy and creativity... I don't need to pacify them with TV, I need to provide them with a safe environment to explore/create/learn!  (and lest you think I'm setting the mom bar too high, after our habits are broken, TV will return as a rare reward as opposed to a constant companion!).


  1. ADORABLE photo of the kids. Too sweet!!! You have a great talent with that camera.

  2. Kuddos to you, Sweetie...
    You can do this...
    There isn't anything you wouldn't do for our gdaughters...
    And when you look back on all this, you will be very proud,
    what a great mama you are...
    (but, I wouldn't blame you if you did sneak a peak at your
    computer every once in a while).

  3. we didn't have tv most of my growing-up years. and now we had no tv for days after we moved in. i loved it and was on board to keep it that way, but steve is a total tv addict. i would never be able to win that battle with him. we got direct yesterday. i just think it's such a waste of money ($75/month?!?! to watch the same old crap/reruns???) + makes me a lazy mom! my kids are watching super why as i type this. i'm telling myself that once this baby is out and i feel normal again (which better happen) i'm going to lay down the law. remind me of that come august? actually let's say september ;)

    1. Smiling at you LTB! It makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only lazy one out there. At least you can blame your husband ;)

  4. Applause for you!

    Turning the tv off was one of the hardest things I did as a mom---harder for me than for the kids! Mommying is such an "on-call" type profession that I felt like weeping tears of joy when Super Why came on, all because it gave me 25ish minutes of peace.

    Having said that, I think limiting tv is one of the best things we can do for our kids. Now that they are in K and 3rd grade, each child has 1/2 hour of "screen time" every day, meaning they can use that 1/2 hour on tv, their Leapsters, or the Wii at grandma's house. That means that they get a little vegging time, but they also get to practice decision-making when it comes to those 30 precious minutes.

    You are a fantastic mom!


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