People not be nice :: Earth Day

Lately, every time I go on a walk with Hazel, she bee lines to any litter, picks it up and says "People not be nice.  WHY people not be nice, Mama?"  I could not be more proud!

I'm sure that she's learned this fabulous habit from her father who fills up the baby backpack on every hike he's ever taken them on.  It's admirable, kinda gross, and clearly very educational.
super dad giving me some writing time recently. 
To be fair, when I mentioned this awesomeness to Farmer Jake, he replied "I noticed her doing that and thought you taught her to pick up litter.".  SURE!  TOTALLY ME ;)  I'm sure I did say "It's not nice when people litter."  That sounds like something I'd say!

Let me pause right now to mention my greatest pet peeve... CIGARETTE BUTTS!  I often honk my horn when I see those telltale embers flying out of car windows.  It seems that construction workers are the most guilty and it is SO RUDE to drop them on other people's driveways and yards!  BLECH!  Go take your stinky breath and aura somewhere else... like to purgatory (which I don't believe in).

I'm proud to say that for the LAZY GREEN MAMA, Earth Day really is EVERY DAY!  I strive to make lifestyle changes that are healthier for our bodies and our planet.  But, in the spirit of complete honesty, how 'bout I end with some of my shameful anti-environmental habits:
  • I hate cleaning peanut butter jars so I try to sneak them into the garbage w/o hubby noticing (this is going to be eye opening to him since he thinks I do that accidentally)
  • I find it incredibly soothing to listen to the sound of running water while brushing my teeth.  I'm so ashamed of this!  I purposely make a big deal about turning off the water when Hazel brushes her teeth... so that she will make-up for me!
  • I love lists with 3 items, but after those 2 major confessions, I'm wiped out.  How 'bout you share one or two of your most shameful anti-environmental habits?


  1. I do the same thing with peanut butter jars. I hide them in the trash from myself... so I don't have a reminder everytime I throw something away. My biggest that I am trying to fix (but the world is working against me) is milk cartons. For some reason every store in Butler that has organic milk, except for Giant Eagle, only has organic in 1/2 gallon cardboard milk cartons that are nor recycleable. My kids drink a 1/2 gallon of milk every day so we are throwing a way 1 cardboard milk jug EVERY SINGLE DAY. I need to just suck it up, take the time, and go to Giant Eagle once a week and get 3 plastic, recycleable gallon jugs (and pay $4 more per week for the milk in them).

    1. How odd! Wonder why organic milk is sold that way? I can't believe how much milk you go through! My kids aren't big on milk and I worry that I don't push it enough... guess we even each other out :)

      p.s. I'm thrilled to know we share the same peanut butter secret!

  2. Too many to list. I'm a greenie wannabe. And I know I do things "wrong". One of these days I'll figure out the right system to get my husband to:

    1. recycle (yes, he is awful at this)
    2. Not waste water! (huge pet peeve of mine. And big pet peeve of his when I follow him around turning off the faucet)
    3. Be greener with my lunch and snack packing. I hate plastic gladware and baggies... but man it's so easy. And I'm just not a washer of plastic baggies.

    If only I had married a green-ish man. *sigh* Unfortunately this is not one of his strengths, so I do what I can.

    1. I can think of worse traits in a husband :)

  3. My bad habits - just a few of them-

    1- long, hot showers. I could stay in there for a long time! I know it's not exactly environmentally kind to stand there after washed and just let the hot water run over me. But, I do it. and I love it.

    2- I drive a giant SUV. It gets awful gas milage. I get that. But I try to justify it b/c I don't drive a lot- and when I do- I "need" it. (We do fill it often.)

    3 - I throw out a lot of fabric scraps. I don't know how/where to recycle them. I've tried. I use as much as I can in other projects, small scrappy skirts, little items. But there are some times I can't do anything with the scraps. I hate to do it- but well- I do.

    Also- trick for PB jar cleaning. Fill it with hot hot water & some Dawn soap. Leave it sitting in the sink for a few hours. Then shake it like crazy. The PB basically falls off and then you can clean it out pretty fast. with a quick wipe.

    CYN- need to get some reusable snack bags from Rugrat Design! Check me out on Etsy. :) (Yes, a shameless plug.)

    1. 1. Me too!
      2. GOOD! Use up the gas as fast as you can so that we all switch to better forms of fuel :)
      3. Yeah, I'm sure other people could do awesome creative things with those 2x2 squares... I am not one of them!

      CYN: she ain't kidding! I got 2 and they're AWESOME!

  4. i'm a water-waster, too. i guess it's due in part to the fact that i grew up in PA where you pay a flat rate for water. here in the desert it's actually costing me more, so you'd think i'd learn. but i'm lazy.

    haven calls littering "glittering" and gets pretty upset that so many people "glitter." clearly i'm teaching her some good things...i just need to work on the water consumption!

  5. I sometimes think about a comment that my other son-in-law said about recycling (and he should know since Germany is so organized about the whole process). He said, "Don't worry too much about cleaning the plastic so much. Don't you think that the recyclers wash it thoroughly before they use it again?" (or something to that effect). So, if a milk carton still smells a little after a few days...or I don't get all the peanut butter out (I use a paper towel for that, which, I guess is also not that environmentally friendly), I don't worry about it too much.

    1. What a WISE GUY ;) I often think "I should call the recycling people and ask about ___." Maybe I will... maybe I will...

    2. Christoph- wise? Hmmmm. Ask him how we do in our house with recycling!?! It's pathetic!

  6. 1) Long, hot showers are my downfall. No doubt about that one.
    2) I often forget to bring my cloth bags into the store and therefore we normally get a whole lot of plastic bags. BUT, we do return them to Walmart rather than throw them away.

    Our trick for peanut butter containers is to give them to Leif, our dog. It's his favorite treat AND he cleans out the entire container. When he's through, it's completely ready to be recycled.

    1. 1. Clearly there is a need for a LONG HOT SHOWER SUPPORT GROUP. Sounds like a B movie though.

      2. Me TOO! Oh, my list keeps getting longer and longer!

      3. Ewww... but maybe I will let Leif come inside next time ;) I'll save him some jars!

    2. I give Vega the peanut butter containers too! She LOVEs PB and it saves me time and saves water! Guess you need a dog;)

  7. I'm guilty of long hot showers and baths too...and not recycling a container or jar if what's inside is yucky or smelly. I'd take all of your peanut butter jars - keep the dog happy and entertained for hours and very clean for recycling when finished!

  8. 1) I take long hot showers too. Especially when it's cold outside (and in my apt).
    2) when I wash dishes I run the water continuously. It's bad but I hate soaking dishes in dirty water!
    3) (this is my most dreaded)... I waste a ton of gas when I'm working in the field. Granted it's my office when I'm out of town but when I'm groundwater sampling (or it's just cold out and I want heat) I run the car continuously. I feel super guilty every time!
    4) When I'm out of town for work I buy bottled water. It's kind of a necessity (especially down south and in the summer!) and I do my best to recycle but I still feel bad about all of the little plastic bottles floating around. I'm also guilty of getting coffee to go without a reusable cup when I'm traveling.


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