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You may have noticed that I added a new page to the header "Medley Acres" is the name of our large patch of dirt... errr... our farm...errr...our garden.  Since moving here 2 years ago,  Farmer Jake has worked just about nonstop cutting down our gorgeous, but overpowering woods, clearing land and building a greenhouse.  This week, we hope to BREAK GROUND for the first time!  

When choosing a name for our farm, we wanted people to have a clue what we are without simply being "The Kosker Farm".  Of course, I was pulling for incorporating "Idlewild" into the name, but "Idle" has no place on a farm :)  So, we are Medley Acres.  Acres of a wide assortment of delicious, nutrious foods.  Some day SOON we will have a fruit orchard, fields of vegetable, flocks of chickens, gorgeous flowers, etc.

A few years ago, Jake repainted his dad's barn to look like the old Mailpouch Tobacco Advertisements

Along that vein, he dreams of repainting our barn (used for storage, not livestock...yet) to say, "eat MEDLEY ACRES  ORGANICS   - treat yourself to the freshest".  

Here's the thing, we're not sure we can commit to being completely organic.  As much as possible, we want to grow heirloom plants and use organic products, but we must do that without breaking the bank.

Fortunately, there are some great options for people like us!  Whitney Farms® is a company who offers 100% natural plant foods and soil additives.  So your organic soil remains pure which is suprisingly a rare concept in farming!

We're off to a great start!  Check out the state of our brand new greenhouse.... and this was about 3 weeks ago... plants have doubled in size and quanity!  


Some of those seedlings are flowers for MY gardens, I'd love to add some of their organic plant food!  Organic Plant Food  As for the vegetable garden, I consider myself more of the TASTE TESTER and less of the FARMER.  Their plant foods provide nutrients with protein based nitrogen, not manure.  Now that's an improvement for our tomatoes that I can really sink my teeth into!

There is no doubt that organic is best for the environment AND my family.  So we want to go that route as much as possible and Whitney Farms® makes that so much easier!  Perhaps we will be organic enough to use the rip-off barn advertisement in good conscience...

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Join me in switching all or part of your garden to organic!  Click any of the links to receive a $3 off coupon (expires April 29th).

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