The birthday party post is almost finished.  Many apologies to those of you who have been waiting for it... I've got LOTS of excuses :)

  1.  5 weeks of a headache climaxing just in time for this party.  Turns out it wasn't allergies, but a sinus infection!  Since my health insurance doesn't cover office visits and I had a large bill from December hanging over me, I refused to go to the Doctor...  my mama saved the day, consulted with a Dr. and gave me the right medicine.  Today, the headache is dim and I have hearing in both ears!  Hooray!  
  2. The internet was down for a day and a half. As usual, I fiddled and fiddled and fixed it, but couldn't tell you how or why.
  3. I still haven't put away all the party decor and for some reason, my kids continue to dirty dishes and clothes.  Most days, I feel like I'm surfing... just barely balanced on top of a wave, ready to crash at any moment.
 I'm GREAT with excuses, eh?

Since it'll be a few more hours till I can put the finishing touches on my real post for today, here's a gems that should hold you over.

The Birthday Sister:

In honor of having a 1-year-old sister, Hazel GOT A NOSE RING!  Before you call the authorities, don't fret, it's just a stick-on... and she promptly peeled it off :)  She also got a new outfit, the skirt coordinates with Heidi's birthday dress and orchard theme (we're planting a peach orchard for Heidi).  It's a bit too big, but then, so are her new Converse sneakers... so I'll get a lot more use out of this outfit!  Maybe I'll even snap a pic of her when she's not twirling in her "tree tutu"!


  1. She looks cute with a nose ring! I think you should go ahead and make it permanent;)

    1. Btw - I keep forgetting to tell you that I love the peach tree fabric! Super cute dress/skirts for the girls!

  2. she should get it as a real nose piercing. looks too cute.


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