a walk on the WILD side

A few weekends ago, Jake's cabin fever came to a head and he decided to embark on an epic hike.  By epic, I mean BUSHWACKING FOR 3 HOURS.  IN THE SNOW.  WITH OUR TODDLER.

Now, some (sane) mom's would say "nuh uh.  You are not taking our 2.5 year old deep into the snowy woods." That mom would not be me.  I mean, I let my 2.5 year old walkdaily through the woods to her grandparents house.  Little Miss Independent!  My heart bursts with pride and joy as I watch her out the window.

Proof that my genes are in this girl too... she loves to nap as much as she loves to explore.  So, Jake timed the hike to include her nap.  She napped for at least 1/2 of the journey!

Oddly enough, she finds this position extremely comfortable!  Her middle name should be Kelty (the backpack brand).

This goes along with the whole RAISE A CREATIVE CHILD thing I recently discussed.  I mean, if you treat your babies like babies... they will grow into BIG babies.  Blech!  

Hazel is already starting to correctly identify plants and animals.  She thinks time outdoors is better than chocolate cake.  She has confidence in herself and her surroundings.  Anyone else ever read Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder ?
 (err... I didn't read it, but I heard the author speak and listened to Jake discuss it extensively) Check it out (preferably through my link!).  You will promptly stop thinking we're crazy and immediately get your kids outside.  If not, I'll be the first to admit... my kids are cooler (and smarter and happier and healthier) than your kids!

On that snooty note, I'll admit that I was very relieved to get Hazel back in my arms when I picked them up.  She and her daddy had a great time while Heidi and I also enjoyed some bonding time.  However, life is always better when we're all together!

Here are a few more gems from that hike:

*Jake was very prepared with way more supplies than he'd ever need.  However, after a 10-minute retrace of steps in search of PURPLE GLOVE, he will carry extra gloves, socks and maybe a fleece base layer in the future.  Koskers just can't resist the temptation to throw large objects in water...  Things could have gone very very wrong if she had slipped into the creek!  Brrrr!!!


  1. The book you mention was one I ordered for my high school library, and I convinced one of the speech girls to use that topic for her oratory speech this fall. It was a success, because it (nature deficit disorder) is such a fascinating topic!

    1. What a great concept to introduce to HS students! I hope it was enlightening for them... esp the ones that have to be plugged in at all times! I once had a student tell me that he'd go outside if there was an electrical outlet for his game system!

  2. I am in the middle of that book RIGHT NOW. Also, where's YOUR recent walk on the wild side? Hmm? Now everyone is curious! HA!


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