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I can't take credit for this idea... I saw it here.  I have the gift of being able to replicate other people's awesome ideas :)

So, I found this lovely gal (HI SHELLY!) online and she agreed to partner with me to help me take my walls from ugh to WOW.  Seriously, I made my family live amidst a patched/primed hallway for 2.5 years. I love it so much that I've almost forgiven her for offering so many awesome font choices.  It was torturous to flip flop between fonts trying to pick the perfect one.  I finally settled on the Walt Disney font for the quote and Cozannc for Pablo Picasso.  Typically, I'm a stickler for not intermingling upper and lowercase, but old Walt had me with that scribbled "i"...he had me at hello scribble.

If, like me, you excel at recognizing other people's brilliant ideas... head over to Shelly's etsy shop.  Then you save yourself the TROUBLE of having to choose fonts ;)  Shelly and her sis-in-law create awesome things and sell them on Etsy.  It's very appropriate since I found Shelly via her s-i-l's adorable work that I saw on Pinterest (another idea that I've stolen and will show you once I've officially made it mine!  mwahaha!).

This was really the fastest/ easiest/ biggest impact thing I've done in the house.  Plus, it solved a small problem between husband and I... I felt the need to feature each piece of Hazel's artwork (ie handprints) on the fridge while Jake prefers a more zen-like fridge.

too idle to switch to my wider angle lens, this is the best shot I could get of my tiny hallway.
For those of you who are uber-observant, you'll notice that the striped wall is a new addition!  It's the follow-up to this cliff-hanger.  After I finished painting my kitchen cabinets, I had about 3/4 gal of each color of paint.  So, I scrapped my former plans for the hallway and simply started painting stripes.  I LOVE it!  I wish I had put a little more thought into the spacing, but I need to get over that and simply enjoy the stripes!  However, two of the dorks who frequent my house have struck a "running man" pose in the hallway because they think they're comic book speed lines.  Oi Vey!

In the nearish future, I'll be finishing up some other projects that I've made with Shelly's help!  I even bought a little sumpin' sumpin' to use as a GIFTaway (like a Giveaway, but it's a gift from me)!  Stay tuned :)


  1. Julie, I love the wall! Great idea :)

  2. Love the idea. The best part is that you can change it up easily. Are the clips from Ikea? I know I saw something similar there.

    1. You nailed it! I got those at IKEA about 2 years ago with a metal clothesline/ curtain hanger that I didn't use.


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