Leprechaun Playdough

We're off on a family get-away.  According to Hazel, "we go to camp with our friends and eat CANDY!".  Sounds like the perfect weekend, eh?  Note:  this camp comes equipped with private rooms, electric fireplaces, catering and lots and lots of board games.  I'm just hoping that this year Hazel sleeps through the night and Jake doesn't throw in the towel and drive the 1.5 hours home at 4am like last year!  True story... and we still love her, go figure!

Since I'm not the only one bringing youngsters, I decided to make a double batch of my favorite play dough... precisely the recipe a leprechaun would use... I'm sure of it!

Here's the original recipe.  Since I'm not one to recreate the wheel, you'll have to go to the original site for the recipe.  However, here are my adaptations to make Leprechaun Playdough:

  • use lime jello
  • instead of any ole cooking oil, use coconut oil!  Why?  I'm glad you asked!
so you see, there is really no other option when making lime playdough.  Teach this song to your youngsters and now you have an interdisciplinary activity (I tried to get a video of Hazel singing... it went something like this "lime and cucnt.... WHAT NEXT MOMMY?".  As an added bonus, the playdough smells DIVINE and though not delicious, it's perfectly safe to let babies play with since it is completely edible.

  • When mixing your playdough, slow and steady wins the race.  I stirred over low heat for about 10 minutes!  It seems impossible when you start with your green liquid, but it will eventually form a ball!
  • Once cooled, knead in gold glitter (I used mostly green glitter since I ran out of gold.  Ho hum!) and working one handful at a time, add 2-4 T of flour to each handful.  Just till it doesn't stick to your hands!
  • I packaged the playdough in clean baby food jars, hit the lids with primer and spray paint, and then using double-sided tape, stuck a St. Patricks Day tattoo on the top (I found 12 for $1 at Dollar General).

For more ideas, check-out my St. Patty's Day inspiration board (can you figure out why my pantry is stocked with boxes and boxes of jello?).  If you want your own framed subway art, this lovely person is sharing it for FREE!  I simply downloaded it to my computer, uploaded it to my favorite photo center and had it printed in an 8x10!

And there you have it!  15-minutes to full-out St. Patty's day fun!  Now all you have left to do is choose a corned beef recipe... and figure out how to keep your favorite leprechaun from stealing your dough!
rainbow shirt a lucky coincidence!


  1. Awesome! This MIGHT cause me to make an exception to my strict anti-glitter policy. (although I wouldn't call it completely edible if it has glitter in it).

    1. oooo... didn't think of that! Glittery diapers :) The glitter doesn't stick to hands, so you'll def break your policy this weekend! Also, I tried a itty bitty taste... YUCK!

  2. What a fun project to do with the kiddos. Thanks for sharing!!


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