I am Spartacus

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Spartan Race. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ok, I am NOT Spartacus, nor have I actually seen that movie.  However who among us doesn't love the feeling of unity and belonging that happens when in a group.  It is rare, but it does happen.  Whether it was during the last minute of your high school graduation as you surveyed your classmates one last time or whether it was the comaraderie you found while working towards a common goal... it is a wonderful, warm, energizing feeling.

While living in Oregon, I signed up for two all women running events.  That feeling of belonging, support and encouragement was a surprise to me.  Women I'd never met shouted words of encouragement, joked as we leap frogged each other, breathlessly smiled their support.  

I am NOT a runner.  However, pre-kids, I signed up for at least one 5k every year.  It turns out that I have NO self-discipline, but a hefty amount of pride.  So the only way I can actually get those running shoes on and hit the streets, is to have a goal.

Have you ever heard of Spartan Race?  Holy camoly this looks like fun!  Whether you sign up for a 5k or a 40-miler, you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll have fun.  Their philosophy is that working out doesn't have to be torturous.  It can be fun and exciting... through the eyes of a Spartan.  (ie hardcore, tough as nails, just try and stop me!).


They have children and women events and when you sign-up, they offer you a couch to finish line plan that takes a mere 45 days!  Check out their website... these races are EVERYWHERE.  I'd like to sign up for the one in Edinburgh... but the PA one might make a tad more sense ;)

The farthest I've ever run was a 10k Trail Run.  I didn't feel like waiting for the start, so my friend and I set off before the gun.  It was the smartest thing we ever did 'cause the trail was ours for the taking... plus enough other women had the same idea that we got the benefits of the comaraderie and drink stations!  Ok, I admit, I also kinda do races for the swag.  Gimme dry fit tees, free energy bars, water bottles, hats...and the best one... a necklace (Hippie Chick Race).

Perhaps it's time to lace up those running shoes?  Head over to their FAQs to cast off the last of your concerns!

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  1. Oohhh!! How fun!! I did the warrior dash a year or so ago and it was super fun! Are you signing up? I'd run with ya!!

    1. It DOES look like fun! Let's chat soon...I do need to put my own fitness ON my priority list...

    2. Yes, let's! The greatest thing about these races is that they aren't really a race! When I ran the warrior dash we probably walked about half of it! It's super fun energy and I think you'd surprise yourself at your fitness level running after children all day!!

  2. Have fun! Mud runs are a blast! I'm doing my second in May. I've heard great things about Spartan races.


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