Happy Birthday Heidi-loo-who!

Today's the  BIG day.  My baby turns one... *cue mini cry fest*.  Ok, that's over.  One year ago today, I held her in my arms for the first time.  Talk about a surreal moment... especially once I got over the whole "she looks like an alien thing"!

Tomorrow is her birthday party, the theme reflects her personality:  She's a peach!  What's the point of having a theme if you're not gonna over do it?  I can't wait to share all our peach-tastic ideas/foods/decor with you!  I'll get to that NEXT week... I'm gonna be uber busy this weekend with partyin' and eating and snuggling my one-year-old.  So I will be unplugged all weekend :)

Ready for her monthly picture?  Here she is... God, she's beautiful (not that we place much importance on that, but how did this perfect creature come from me?  Oh wait, check out the upper right pic...now I see it :)

Her birthday dress is from a talented Etsy seamstress named...Heidi!  It was meant to be!  More about the party dress(es) in the birthday post.

As of THIS WEEK, Heidi is a walker!  She gets this extremely proud look on her face each time she takes a few steps.  The best part is that when I sit on the floor (for frequent story times), she walks over to me, stands beside me, and lays her head on my shoulder!

At 12 months, she still sucks those 2 fingers to self-comfort (and if she's lucky, pinches my neck while falling asleep.  urgh!  if I'm lucky, my mom is holding her 'cause Heidi also enjoys pinching her!), lights up when given the slightest bit of attention, giggles with her sister...esp when I'm not supervising, loves to snuggle (with her head in the crook of my left arm.  does NOT like it if I flip her to the other side), thinks peek-a-boo is HILARIOUS and will sit with a blanket over her head until I notice, prefers playing IN the toy baskets (she is sitting in the music basket as I write this.  drums are scattered all over the floor as she sits in the basket and blows a train whistle... a skill her older sister has yet to master!) and she has an even 4 teeth on both the top and bottom.

Here's a recap of how she evolved from ALIEN to BABE:
Review her monthly posts here.


  1. You certainly did make one beautiful little girl! Happy Birthday to the both of you (I strongly believe mamas should also celebrate their kiddos b-days as a, "I made it another year!")

    Have fun at the party!

  2. Happy Birthday, Heidi! What a sweetie you are. I love the facial expressions on all of her pictures. She's a little bundle of personality, it seems.
    We love you!
    Uncle Christoph, Aunt Marianne, and Annie.
    PS- Julie, let's practice. Hold your hands up. Left... Right... (Think piano.)
    PPS- That birthday dress is darling. I love it.

  3. Happy Birthday to Heidi Loo! I love you! You make my heart leap when you laugh and smile at me. And I love that you want to walk to me. Llama

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, from your favorite great-uncle (?)!!! So glad I got to see her recently and witnessed those amazing steps she's taking!
    Uncle John from Paris, VA.

  5. Happy Birthday Heidi!! I hope you and Eileen get to meet some day! You even have the same wardrobe (pink/brown stripe wardrobe). :-)

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI! We cannot wait to spend more time with you this summer and wish we could make it tomorrow! She is too cute and I love her birthday dress :)

  7. Happy Birthday! I can't believe that she is already a year old. She is gorgeous! I love the blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. You guys make beautiful babies!

  8. Happy Birthday Heidi Rose!! You are a fun sweet girl!! Can't wait to see you again!! Love your pseudo Aunt Shannon


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