from my freezer to YOUR table

I just told a friend about this site (Hi Tara!) and thought, I should share the love with the rest of you!

Last year, or it might have been 2 years ago, I took the Real Food Challenge.  I didn't exactly stick with the challenge, but it did make me more mindful about what I serve and consume.

Then I joined TheFresh20 and the revolution took hold.  Though I am no longer following that menu (I might go back, just wanted to do my own thing for awhile), I learned A LOT about meal planning, using fresh seasonal foods and cooking.

Wonder of wonders, I'm actually enjoying cooking these days.  Well, on days when children are calm and happy and not screaming at me...
Hazenator in the fridgerator (taken about one year ago).  I wanted to share a food related picture with you.  I couldn't decide between this inappropriate picture or the inappropriate picture I took of her wearing her Christmas apron...and only the apron.  HEY, 2-year-old buns are ADORABLE!

My new favorite thing (which also happens to be FREE!) is this website:  www.onceamonthmom.com .  Specifically, their whole foods menu!  Each week, I choose one or two of their meals, make it, eat 1/2 and freeze 1/2.  Later in the month, I have a healthy, homemade meal... and I didn't even enter the kitchen (except to reheat)!  My husband was always against "freezer meals"  because he thought it would be a life of casseroles.  HA!  I haven't made a casserole once (yet)!  Maybe I'll even try the whole:  shop, prep & freeze only 1 day each month thing?  baby steps...

Tonight I'm serving a homemade BBQ chicken pizza.  Instead of prepping it during nap time, I did some cleaning, laundry and BLOGGING!  That's a trifecta...err quatrefecta...or if I include the fact that the kids are napping...err...cinqfecta (see how I went all French on you?  I'm fancy like that.  Ooo la la.  College tuition proving it's worth!).

Since I happen to know that every mom, whether working outside of the home or in, could use some help with serving healthy balanced meals, check it out!  Oh, and if you live near me and want to exchange some meals, that would be awesome!  One of the coolest things about that site is you can change the # of servings you want and all the ingredient amounts adjust for you!  So, let me cook you dinner once each month :)


  1. Thanks for the great review and compliments on the site. I am so glad it is helping you to eat healthy! And what a cutie! I can't say I have EVER seen my refrigerator that bare.

    1. haha! That was during the fridge's annual cleaning. Yes, that's right, ANNUAL! Ok, maybe slightly more often, but most likely NOT :) Tricia, I hope I gain more addicts for you!

  2. Thanks for sharing this site. I especially love the vegetarian option. We've recently been planning meals more, not a month at a time, but a week or two. I can't wait to try some new dishes.

  3. I've been trying to comment on your posts, but they never show up. Are you getting them, or censoring me?! :-) I hope all is well!

    1. Kerri, I'm not censoring you!!! Though that thought cracked me up! I have no idea what's happening. I changed some of my settings, so I wonder if other people are having that problem? YIKES!


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