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At night, I fall asleep thinking of how one year ago, I was round and unwieldy.  Comfort was a distant memory.  One year later, my nights of quality sleep are returning (though not consistent).  I've begun party planning in celebration of the best year of my life.  The year that my family became complete.  The year that I got mucho baby snuggles.  Oh, it's been a hard, tiring year for many reasons, but it's been fantastic.  The reason for my glee:  this goofball:

visual proof of her family tree

At 11 months, Heidi eats mostly solid foods.  She ate rabbit last night, how many 11 months old can say that?  She has started to wave and say "Dada".  She LOVES to giggle!  Daddy just has to look at her, Mommy has to cover her belly with tickly kisses and work really hard.  Humph.
She also adores her sister!  She follows her around, plays with HER toys, laughs at everything she does.  In return, Hazel finds her toys when she's sad and best of all, sings "rock a bye" when she cries.  Yesterday during the photo shoot, Hazel joined Heidi for an impromtu songfest.  One of my all-time favorite mama moments happened last week when Heidi was crying in her crib as Hazel was trying to fall asleep (a huge hurdle in the saga of them sharing a room).  I stood outside the door deciding whether to let Heidi cry it out and risk Hazel loosing sleep or to rescue them both and reinforce a bad habit.  Before I made up my mind, I heard Hazel's sweet voice start singing:  "rock a bye baaaby on da tee top..."

She LOVES to paint!  One lazy day, I simply took her shirt off instead of putting her paint shirt on.  I call this EXTREME FINGER PAINTING.  Please excuse her goofy pose.... her new favorite pose is "wiggle wiggle wiggle" and that's what she's doing for the camera.
I've begun calling her my Little Lawyer.  Daddy calls her his Little Scientist.  WHY?  She is exploding with the gift of logical thinking.  At 2 1/2, she out logics me ALL.THE.TIME.  I am in BIG trouble!

Some examples:
H:  Mama, I want to go Llamy's house (her grandma that lives next door)
M:  No sweetie, it's night time.
M:  Nope, it's dark out.
H:  But daddy has hat with flashlight and Hadel can wear it.
M:  You are right.  Let's go.
H:  *smile*

H:  Mama, I want to go Tymanda's house too (I was going to a women's Bible Study the other night at Amanda's house.  She lives with Ty.  They have a Mr. Potato Head AND purple chalk.  Hazel really likes going there.).
M:  Nope, it's time for just Amanda, Mama and some of our friends.
H:  But I could play with potato head in a different room.
M:  No, I'll be out late and you'll miss your bed time.
H:  But daddy could take me home.
M:  Sorry sweetie, but mommy needs the car to drive home.
H:  Well, daddy could drive the truck.
M:  But Heidi won't fit in the truck.
H:  Heidi can stay with YOU!
M:  No, remember it's time for JUST mama and her friends.
H:  Well, Heidi could stay here.
M:  That wouldn't be safe and Heidi would be sooo sad.
H:  How bout Hadel go to the park (which is near Tymanda's house).
M:  How about I take you to the BIG park tomorrow?
H:  *smile*

Do you see a trend here?  First of all, I had NO idea that 2.5 year olds could reason and talk like this.  Second of all, somehow she ALWAYS WINS.  Jake and I really want to reinforce this type of thinking, so when she makes a good point, we back down.


HAPPY 39th ANNIVERSARY to my fabulous parents.  Wow.  39 years.  One of the best numbers, my favorite odd number, I'm completely in awe of them.


  1. Heidi is too adorable! She's grown so much since Christmas. 39 years! Whew... they are amazing :)

  2. Those girls keep getting cutier! I love the first picture of Heidi... looks like a yoga pose:) Hazel is so sweet and super smart! What a great big sis she already is!

  3. I love and miss you guys so much! Have fun planning her party!

  4. That logic is amazing at such a young age. In schools the big push is that sort of creative thinking.

    1. Thanks Carly! That's wonderful that schools are pushing this type of thinking! Any tips on other ways to do that?


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