wild thing... you make my heart sing

Here she is, Heidi Rose @ 10 months

 because I can never choose just one, here are more of the many faces of Heidi-loo-who

and finally, my personal fave:  CRAZ-O FACE!  The moment before the laugh:



    Photos like this make my uterus hurt. But then I go home to my 3 month old niece who still wakes up all night... and I think "not yet" :)

    You make super cute babies.

  2. There she is! ;) I love the last picture... now you need to get a shot of the scrunchy face! When I was feeding her the other weekend I kept telling jake she was either not really hungry or didn't like her food. Then jake saw the face and informed me it was her normal feeding face! Hahaha! Makes meal time so entertaining! Can't believe she's almost a year!!


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