sneak peek. kitchen reveal 0.5

OK... I still have a few projects before the true REVEAL (Part 1:  before new sink and new countertops... 'cause there's no actual plan for when those things will happen).  However, I'm making a few readers cranky by not giving an update.

Ok crankypants, see if this makes you crack a smile.  Here's a BEFORE photo:
he's mine, all mine ;)  (he was so excited to have a decluttered kitchen that he just HAD to  pose.  He puts the WILD into my IDLE!)
It worked, you're smiling!

So, here she is!
Bright, semi gloss white cabinet and pine ceiling.  I fought tooth-and-nail against having a wood ceiling, but I WAS WRONG!  It's actually my favorite change (at any point in the day, my "favorite" changes)!  It's bright and looks like it's always been.  It's just glossy enough to pull in extra light from the window and bounce it all around!  Also, I bought some GORGEOUS yellow and white paper to line the back of the open cabinet, but I'm LOVING the all white.  So it'll stay that way for awhile.


I'll provide more details with the true reveal.  For now, what do you think about the window?  The wood trim matches every other window in the house, but I keep thinking that the trim needs to be white.  Slippery slope 'cause I REFUSE (mark my words) to repaint all the trim in the house :)

My two favorite changes (today) weren't captured in the above photo (which was taken last week by me mama who promptly sent them off to my impatient sister).  What am I referring to?  TWO WORDS:  STRIPES & ANTLERS.  I know, your mind is imploding wondering what I've added stripes to and if I've really sunk so low as to decorate with antlers!?*#$!?  Oh yes my friends, oh yes!

Yet to do:

  1. Make pine trim to edge entire ceiling.
  2. Put trim molding up.
  3. Paint refrigerator (hello CHALKBOARD!)
  4. Add pendant lights above peninsula.
  5. Make pendant lamp shades out of garbage (for reals... I have a vision).
  6. Add towel rack.
  7. Paint short wall that hides the pantry.
  8. Keep up the stamina and paint the hallway which runs alongside the kitchen.  It has been spotted with  spackle for the past two years when I repainted the rest of the house and quit before I finished.
  9. Add a clock.  Now that the microwave has been moved (it used to be on the counter.  We sprung for an electrician and had it moved to the pantry!), we can't see a clock from many areas in our living space.  This is problematic for someone who is semi-obsessive about time... especially since this person's watch battery quit a year ago and she keeps forgetting to deal with it... especially since this person constantly looses her cell phone ('cause who even wears watches these days?)...
  10. LONG RANGE:  Add white farmhouse single basin sink.
  11. LONG RANGE:  New countertops (I'm not digging the grey with the current faux-butcher block.  Fortunately, my current countertops have some major problem areas and must be replaced anyway!)
So, there she is, lighter & brighter.  Fresh & functional.  Now, off to look for more yellow accents :)


  1. It looks GREAT, Julie! Love the ceiling and how bright the cabinets are. It completely changes the room. Love it.

  2. It looks so good! I can't believe you painted the cabinets and they look that great!!! What color are the walls? Yellow or off-white?

  3. THANKS! The walls are the same color as the rest of the main living area... cream (Navajo white, I think). So far I'm like the cream on white combo... we'll see once the kitchen is finished. If I repaint the kitchen, it goes right into the dining room, which goes right into the living room... so it'd be hard to have a stopping point!

  4. I love the ceiling. That's my favorite part, too.

  5. I've been meaning to call you guys and tell you that I love what you have done so far. Especially, the ceiling. Give my love to my grandbabies!

  6. Looks amazing Julie!! You guys have done an awesome job. I like the combo of classic bright colors. The ceiling looks great, love the recess lighting (how has no one mentioned this?!?!)

  7. Looks unbelievable! I love it!

    I think the color of the trim around the window kinda depends on what you plan on using for your countertop color. If you go with a brown/bronze color, the current trim won't stand out as much.

    My vote for countertops... COPPER! I think it would stand out beautifully against the white cabinets and has a bit of a rustic charm.

    Anywho, looks GORGEOUS! Looking forward to seeing more reveals.


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