ode to my mixer

For years, I've been aware of the KitchenAid Mixer obsession.  I don't think anyone that's had a bridal shower or wedding in the past 5 years hasn't had one on their registry (can you handle the double negatives?).  Unfortunately for me, I've been married 5.5 years, before I knew about said mixer.

Though I lusted after one, it was merely a case of the Joneses... I figured, like a flat screen or iphone, it was merely something to own for the sake of owning (as someone who doesn't own an iphone is allowed to think).

I began to reconsider my position over the past year as I've been cooking more.  Often recipes provide directions using a KitchenAid Mixer... as though EVERYONE who is ANYONE has one.  I successfully adapted using my hand mixer.  Successful that is until my cousin (Malu) hosted a Christmas cookie exchange and I attempted to make 10 dozen cookies.  The little hand mixer tried it's best... so did my biggest metal bowl, but they were just not up to the challenge. *cue flour splashing all over kitchen*

My yearnings for this mixer became more vocal, but such a frivolous purchase is very low on our priorities.  Enter HUSBAND OF THE YEAR and CRAIGSLIST!  Through the help of some Christmas elves (our buddy Jason lived near the seller, 2.5 hours away from us, and Jake's mom was willing to pick-it-up from Jason and bring it for Christmas morning... as though everyone wasn't busy enough the week before Christmas!), I got a HUGE surprise Christmas morning.

Let me say, this thing is not over rated.  I use it almost every day!

In fact, last night I used to it shred chicken!  Didn't see that one coming did you?  I might make this dish every week for the rest of my life!  Wanna come over?  I'll even let you drink the rest of the beer that's used in the sauce!
photo from howsweeteats.com (I ate hoovered mine too quickly to snap a photo!)


  1. Don't beat yourself up over the mixer!! Dan got me a refurbished industrial sized one from Kitchen Collection a few years ago for Christmas. To date---my favorite Christmas gift from him. I use it all the time!!

  2. We love ours, too! It was a Christmas present for us, too :)

  3. The greatest thing ever. Back in my younger "eat whatever I want and not gain wait" stage, I loved baking with my Kitchen Aid.

    Now... it doesn't get used so much :)


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