i heart you

It's true, part of my love is always available for YOU!  To make a new friend, to reconnect with an old friend, to laugh with (or at) you, to cry with/for you, to rejoice with you, to learn from you, to be inspired by you, to lean on you. I often feel like the Grinch when my heart physically grows 3xs larger in a single instant.

the most recent SUPER DAD photo.  Jake is helping Hazel plant the 1st seeds of the season!
These three are my world.  Sure, some of them pick their nose incessantly, decide to be fussy only after 10pm, staple gun into the trim work of the kitchen, refuse to eat dinner, pick-up their sister and attempt to carry her across the room, dump every basket onto the floor, etc.  However, they each also surprise me everyday.  My heart is full... and yet growing every day.

posed for a nose picking.  seriously girl!  she now carries a kleenex in one hand and picks with the other.  
Notice our Valentines Decor?  We made simple hearts out of crayon shavings & wax paper.  Simply iron between old dish towels, cut out desired shape, and tape onto window!

*Dearest grandparents and Aunt Marianne, Hazel made your Valentines at the beginning of the month.  However, her mama didn't mail them yet.  She has lots of excuses ready, but at least you have something to look forward to later in the week!  *sheepish*



  1. Oh. I love you guys. All 4 of you. Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. Happy Valentines Day to you all. Love the pictures!

  3. I love nose picking. Well.. not really. But I do find it funny when Caleb does it.


    Because when I scold him he says things like "No, mom, they're MY boogers!" (because that makes it OK?)

    Or I ask him if he needs a kleenex and he says "No, I pick my own nose."

    ah well... Rome wasn't conquered in a day, I have a feeling we'll be working on the nose picking for a long time.


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