i heart people

This week has been full of positive communications with people from all over the US.  Each time, I feel SURPRISED at the kindness of others.  When did I become so jaded?  Not sure, but boy... there are so awesome people in this world!

Here's a quick recap:

  • I had a disastrous experience at a favorite restaurant this weekend.  The staff was very kind and promptly on Monday morning, the manager called me and fell over himself apologizing and fixing the situation (and my tooth).  I don't want to give them bad press because it was a true freak accident... so this is all I'll say about the matter :)
  • Hubby is obsessed with his Mountain Khaki Original Mountain Pants.  We got him a pair about 4 years ago and they still look good (he rotates between 2-4 pairs of pants at a given time... so they get worn A LOT)!  A few months ago, we splurged and got him 2 more pairs... he does wear them for work, but they run about $60 on sale (here's where I pretend that I spend less than that on my pants...shh...don't tell... us tall girls have to pay a premium for length).  However, they SHRUNK!  Now, my hubs likes his pants to be a tad short (sigh)... however, they finally got to him... who wants to feel a breeze on their ankles in February?  Anyway, I wrote a positive, yet truthful review on the MK website, and just yesterday was contacted by customer service.  It's still in the works, but it seems that they had a misfit batch recently and we might be part of that batch... which will be replaced!
  • Speaking of MKO pants, before I knew about the above, I bought him a new pair at bigskycounty.com.  I was supposed to receive 20% off, but didn't.  Their customer service number didn't work, so I asked them about it on facebook.  Not 3 hours later, I got a personal phone call and the problem was fixed!  
  • As you may know, I'm a little obsessed with my kitchen reno right now.  Stage 1 is happening next week (new ceiling and painting cabinets)... so I will continue to be scarce in blogland.  For my open cabinets, I want to line them with a cool yellow paper.  I've scoured the web for yellow wrapping paper that would work... NOTHING!  So, I asked Dana from Made, I don't know her, but read her blog and she is the Queen of YELLOW CHEVRONS.  She didn't know where I could get them, but directed me to Lindsey, a true paper guru, who promptly replied with some really great ideas.
  • Last week I was doing a Google search regarding writing for a magazine I receive, I couldn't find the info on their website, but found a blogger who wrote about being published in the current issue.  I sent her an email and found a true internet soul mate!  She's a librarian, has copper counter tops and mason jar lights!  
  • An old friend's (ok, ex-boyfriend's ;)  dad contacted me to ask if he could send my girls a handmade wooden toy... uh YES! 
  • And finally, a new friend credits me for inspiring her to research (and fall in love with) home birth.  She will be using the same midwife even :)  She is so excited about her upcoming birth... quite a difference from how she felt after her last few preggo clinic and OBGYN visits.

Wow, someone needs to tell the news broadcasters and journalists that the world is a WONDERFUL place filled with AWESOME, KIND and GENEROUS people!

*post reflections:  I HATE to complain, at least to people outside of my family.  However, I'm getting much better with being positive and assertive.  Next I'm gonna see if Bose has a fix to why my Bose stereo randomly changes channels, volume levels and most freakishly, turns on all by itself at random times!  There's a fine line between "working the system" and working WITH companies.  Like Johnny Cash, I WALK THE LINE, but I'm learning that a little kindness and honesty goes a long way!


  1. Agreed!! I can't say how much a little kindness and honesty has saved Ross & I a few bucks on our relocation :) People are willing to negotiate so easily if your nice and just kindly ask! Maybe it's a southern thing too? They are all so dang NICE!

  2. Awesome! I want more details:
    1. You got a personal e-mail from Made? I'm so jealous. I love that girl!
    2. Which ex-boyfriend? (There are soooooo many to choose from.. . ;-)
    3. What a great week. Go you, for looking into all of these things.

  3. 1. She is like a rock star to us crafters :) I posted my question on her facebook wall and she promptly responded... and then went off to birth a baby :)

    2. Ryan's dad who tells me that I remain his ideal daughter-in-law :) So sweet and perceptive. HAha! Ryan remains a friend and will never marry a woman, so it's all kosher.

    3. this is not a question. I'll make one up. Julie, why are you so much cooler than your older sister? Answer: genetics.


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