i heart music

If you know me, and definitely if you know my family, you are well aware of my passion for music.  However, it is a RARE DAY that music is actually playing in my house.  I prefer silence for my daily routine.  More often than not, the kids in my house are serenaded with my singing and at least once a day, they're encouraged to grab a musical instrument and JAM.

Though I love music, I don't invest any energy in finding new music.  I'm a walking paradox!  Pandora has made this a whole lot easier (Jack Johnson or Allison Krauss radio are all a girl needs), but in general, I'm only introduced to new music when a friend makes me a mixed cd (one of my favorite things in the world!  subtle hint...).  I have no patience for listening to 12 tracks of the same artist.

Last night, Jake showed me this music video (probably the first music video I've watched in over a year... see, I'm totally weird).  We both love it!  Stick with it till the end, you won't regret it.  Jake's brother showed it to him on Friday... there have been about one million hits a day since then!

Welcome to the band wagon!


  1. This song is getting mad play on my local alternative station. It's nice to see this track be successful, because it is introducing people outside of Australia to Kimbra... who I have a mean crush on.

    Our listening habits appear to be diametrical opposites though. If I'm not asleep, there is music on at my house.

  2. My brother-in-law showed this to us at thanksgiving. The kids love it. They walk around the house and the grocery store (wherever we are) singing it. There's also a pretty cool cover where five or six band members share a guitar...seen that?

  3. I've heard this song on my favorite radio station (104.5 in Philly) and really like it, but I hadn't seen the video. Pretty creative!

  4. Yep. I've heard this song a lot lately. . . I'm not sure where, either the alternative station on the radio or on Pandora. But the video is really cool. It makes me want to experiment with making videos from still-pics. Neat combo. The one that Liz just mentioned is really neat, too. People are so creative. I'm so glad that we can share it so easily through the Internet.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlZm2Lo28Kw&feature=youtu.be

    Found this on 104.5's facebook page. Not bad for elementary kids!

  6. I think that there is a lot going on in this video! It will be good to talk it over....the bland colors versus the green, the "cutting up" of the guy, how he is stuck in his broken bland life while the girl not only enters his life with some color but then decides that she doesn't want to stay "in his picture" and turns back into a real human. I think the premise is sort of sad!

  7. Woah, Beth! Way to make us think! Interesting concepts. I really like this video (I don't watch many either). I actually came back to it this morning to see it again (I hadn't heard the song until you posted it... I guess I should listen to something other than NPR on my rides to work!). Juls, you should add Mumford and Sons to your Pandora Stations. If you haven't already listen to them I think you'll like them.

  8. Julie, your friend mentioned that someone did a cover of it. You should defnitely watch it. 5 people play one guitar...its pretty awesome. Its done by Walk off the Earth. Someone told me that Gotye is actually the cover and this band is the original...I dont know but its a great song.

    Erin O.


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