A wild 10 months

Wow, this FOXY lady is BEARing down on a year!  I look at all her babyness and can't believe she'll be walking and talking soon.

Heidi is super quick at standing up and starting to take tentative steps from one piece of furniture to the next.  She's a super fast crawler and sprints down the hall almost as fast as I walk.  She LOVES following me around, however only one direction.  So, for example (30 times a day) she'll follow me to the bathroom/laundry room.  However once I'm ready to leave that end of the hall, if I walk PAST her, she HOWLS.  I think she's a tad lazy :)  Her 2nd favorite thing to do is hold on to both of my legs while I work in the kitchen.  It's as close to being chained down as I care to experience.  However, I kinda love the feeling of those chubby hands on my calves...and love how happy it makes her when I grace her with a glance.

She continues to have a pleasant demeanor, though we are constantly sleep training each other.  Having both girls in one room has caused us a lot of lost sleep.  This week, poor Heidi is sleeping in a different area of the house... so that she relearns how to sleep without mama.  Last night, she went to bed at a normal baby time (7pm versus the norm 10pm) and only woke up ONCE (and is still sleeping now at 7am).  Go Heidi!

However, she makes us WORK hard for her smiles.  It takes a few peek a boos before she starts to smile and then giggle.  We've started calling her SCRUNCY FACE because she loves to entertain us by scrunching up all her features.  It looks so ridiculous and we immediately laugh.  Of course, like her smile... she hides these expressions as soon as the camera appears.  Humph!

Let's see... she's a great eater and enjoys all the solid foods I place on her plate to entertain her.  Yesterday she ate covered her head in rice noodles, peas and kiwi.  It's such a treat to get to eat my dinner while it's warm and then top her off with babyfood later.

Finally, I've just got to brag... this girl is MUSICAL!  At 10-months Hazel began to wave her arms to direct the church choir.  Heidi takes this to a new level.  She begins swaying when the first note plays and gets more and more violent as the piece continues.  Last week I was holding her in my arms as we practiced a beautiful, calm hymn... she was body banging the whole time.  I could barely stand and hold her.  When I pull out her sister's sit-n-spin that has an Abby Cadabby button, Heidi spends hours standing over the button, pushing it, and rocking back and forth.

Ok, who has noticed the trick I'm playing?


  1. I KNOW THE TRICK! I noticed it first thing. Poor Heidi will have an identity crisis!!!!!

  2. Some of those are def Hazel pics! Not sure if all of them are... but you either did a bang up job of catching Heidi in all the same poses, or that's not actually Heidi!

  3. I agree. Some are Hazel. If not, you've made 20-month twins.

  4. Haha! I was totally going to call you out! ;) they do look nearly identical!


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