sooo glad that's over!

This was supposed to be a fun weekend.  My friend, Shannon, was coming to spend Saturday-Sunday.  I haven't seen her since September and we had LOTS to catch-up on!  Then on Sunday, Jake was looking forward to taking a coworker/friend and his kids hiking in our woods and then serving a nice dinner.

Soon after Shannon arrived, I began to feel queasy.  It continued to worsen and after about 2 hours of chatting, I ran upstairs never to return again.  I'm SO thankful that Shannon and Jake are also friends so that it wasn't super awkward.  Also, Shannon was awesome and dove right in as Hazel's playmate.  Seriously, she put in overtime as Hazel's pseudo-Aunt.  THANK YOU SHANNON!  Shannon has a great memory and was referencing all these funny things that have happened to us in the past... things I had completely forgotten about.  I'm not likely to forget this weekend though :)

Hazel is old enough to understand that "Mama sick".  She was very concerned and would quietly peek in periodically.  Sunday morning I was feeling good enough to smile and let her lay in my bed.  She was so happy... and calm... how can I harness that calm when I'm not sick?

Apart from being in labor, I've never felt worse.  Thankfully, it was a 24-hour bug and now I'm feeling like my old self and ready to start the week!  What a waste of a perfect weekend!

Hazel had a milder form of the bug on Thursday and though her activity level is back to normal, her appetite and sleep are still off.  She went to bed 2 HOURS early last night!?  Jake and Heidi started suffering yesterday.  Heidi just needed to spend the day cuddling on the couch (oh, if I must :) , eating little and keeping even less down, and Mr. Health seems to be bypassing the worst of it... hope that continues!

Off to disinfect every surface I've touched the past 48 hours!

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  1. So sorry that bug got you! It seems to really be making the rounds. Todd had it in December, Micah two weeks ago. Glad you're feeling better. This weekend should be a lot more enjoyable!


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