a rosey 9 months

Dearest Heidi,

I'm sorry that I never post these on time (which would have been December 30th).  At 9 months, you're a mix of pure baby and pure personality.  You still LOVE to nap on our chests in that way that only babies can do (ie flopped, spread limbed, sweaty).  You also have a baby's sad face and cry which happens often as you tend to crawl toward hazardous walls and furniture and hit your head (repeatedly... learn to go in reverse little one).

However, you're also shedding a lot of your babyness (*sniff*).  Your 2nd tooth just poked through, you crawl EVERYWHERE, you LOVE to giggle (peek-a-boo and tickles are your favorite games), you no longer cry yourself to sleep within a few minutes... nope, now you cry and move around trying to pull yourself up to standing (which you are doing more often.  even in the bathtub!  Yowser! ).

Due to your teeth, the coldness of your room (windows are being replaced ASAP), your need for some alone time with your parents, or something else, suddenly you're demanding on sleeping in our bed.  You've been out of our bed since you were a newborn, so this was quite unexpected!  Though I LOVE smelling you and cuddling you in the wee hours of the night, you sleep like a STARFISH and take up a disproportionate amount of the bed.  We want to let you cry it out and break this bad habit, but since you share a room with your sister, it's a bit hard to let you scream for extended periods of time.  Hopefully you fix this on your own!

Your first Christmas was wonderful.  You've left the tree alone and thoroughly enjoyed playing with piles of crinkly paper on Christmas morning.  You also are enjoying choosing which toys to play with and when.

Heidi-who, we sure do love you (even if you put EVERYTHING in your mouth and crawl towards the camera faster than I can click)!


  1. These are super! Love the ones with the toys in her mouth. Very efficient way to have your toy and crawl at the same time. :)

  2. are you sure the picture in the bottom right isn't hazel?

  3. She's just getting prettier and prettier. Love the pictures with everything in her mouth. That sums it up nicely! And her smile :)

  4. I love her rosie cheeks! I haven't really noticed them before but they are adorable! She is so beautiful. (Ps you should try plastic on the windows... I just did mine and it seems to make a big difference, maybe not a forever fix but at least it will help in the short term!)

  5. She's beautiful Julie!!! Hope you and the family have a great 2012


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