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Hello friends.  There's always lots of exciting things happening here at the Kosker farm.  Currently, I have a huge gaping HOLE IN MY KITCHEN CEILING!  Doesn't that sound fun?

Our kitchen is NEXT ON OUR TO DO LIST.  I've been thinking about this project for about 2 years, so why oh why am I not ready?

Here's what we're going to do (a true kitchen overhaul on a DIME!)

  • fix water leak stain on ceiling.  We've decided to get rid of drywall since that ceiling has leaked multiple times in it's 30-year life.  We fixed the leak by putting heat tape on the roof (melting snow was the culprit), but better safe than sorry.  This week, my dad and hubby got the saw out and cut into the ceiling to finally answer my question about why the kitchen ceiling is a foot lower than the other ceilings in the house (answer:  duct work).  We're gonna use nice wood paneling for our tiny ceiling.
from asastanford.com
  • Since I have a strong aversion to mixing wood colors, the wood ceiling is going to be as light as possible to compliment the dark wood beam that runs between the kitchen and dining room.
  • Currently, the kitchen cabinets are a nice maple.  Much to all wood lovers chagrin, I am absolutely sure that I want to paint my cabinets.  It's gonna brighten up our tiny kitchen.  Something like this:
That's a similar size to my kitchen, though my counter extends past the stove (that might be the same stove too, though mine is black... I'm not into stainless appliances...REBEL!).  My plan is to paint the lower cabinets a medium gray and the upper cabinets white.
  • Here's another kitchen in my color scheme.  Which reminds me, one of the only changes I've made thus far was to take the doors off of some of my cabinets.  However, the interior of my cabinets are unfinished.  I need to do something with them... something YELLOW.  Any ideas?
  • Next comes the new cabinet hardware.  We chose a rustic hand-forged iron look that compliments the style of our chalet-inspired house.
  • Perhaps my biggest head thumping decision will be the new countertops.  We have butcher block wanna-be laminate counters.  I'm not opposed to laminate, but there are some really cool options out there for those of us in the anti-granite camp (I could never be on HGTV with my aversion to stainless appliances and granite counters!).
Should I choose:



 COPPER (this would be the most challenging DIY for us, but I know we could do it!  I love the idea of the ever changing patina.  It would be so warm looking... and copper is the most antimicrobial surface!)

What's your vote?  Butcher block, concrete or copper?

Finally, I need to find an affordable single basin farmhouse sink...  Eegads, guess we're not quite ready for this reno!


  1. Just off the top of my head:
    1. Your cabinets are oak, not maple. But that shouldn't change anything.
    2. Notice that the copper countertop pictured is only on a serving island. I wonder why they chose granite on the wet area.
    3. I love the one with the yellow accent painted in the back.
    4. Did you notice that all of your pictures show either white or wood cabinets? Do you have pictures that show the gray? I think it will be pretty but I'm wondering if your pictures secretly reflect your real choices.........
    luv ya.

  2. 2 more thoughts that may or may not be valid:

    1. Have you looked at all of the new laminates? I have a feeling that they aren't like in the old days and they might have a stone look to some of them.

    2. You could always go mostly white or light gray cabinets with dark gray countertop and yellow accents.

  3. Yikes! I like all three... guess I'm not very helpful! :)

  4. butcher block. Hands down. Easiest to deal with, practical, and good for that meat-butchering husband of yours. Plus, they'll go with the look of the house. (However, I LOOOOOVE concrete! My house will someday (maybe) have concrete countertops. But I wonder if your house could handle they weight of them. . . )
    Butcher block.
    Hands down.
    Oh, and I like your inspirational pics. I can't wait to see how this all pans out.
    Oh, and another thing: What are you going to do with your cream fridge? I say to paint it with chalkboard paint. That'll at least get you through to the time for a new fridge. :-)

  5. Well, I, too love painted cabinets and hate granite...and stainless...I think with the wood on the ceiling, woodtone cabinets will make you feel claustrophobic-I like the grey. Hence my kitchen with wood floors, painted cupboards, black appliances and Corian countertops. The copper would be interesting, but find out what you have to do to maintain it- less work is better!

  6. I love butcher block counters, which as you know, I've had in our basement since last January. And we might not be using them now!!!! So before you pick a counter, talk to me, we might be able to sell them to you at a great price (assuming you even want ours and we're not using). Why aren't we using them??? B/c Mike just isn't a huge fan like I am and he found a laminate counter at Home Depot he prefers! Plus, I have no idea if we're really ever fixing our kitchen, I think we're just going to continue to talk about it. But good luck, can't wait to see it:)

  7. 1) I agree with your mom on the copper only being on the island... I don't think copper holds up well in water. Isn't that what old (now green) statutes are made of? I like the look but it might not be practical.

    2) I say paint the wood (my mom would kill me) but it will def brighten up the space! Sonya painted the wood trim and baseboard in her bedroom white and wow! Amazing the difference!

    3) I like both butcherblock and concrete. I'm not a fan of granite either. Overpriced, comes from another country, and half the time I don't think its actually granite!

  8. I love the look of butcher block counters but have no actual experience with it when it comes to how well they hold up. And I love white kitchen cabinets! It makes the kitchen so bright and airy. I also LOVE your idea about doing the bottom cabinets gray, and top cabinets white...that is apparently the new trend too that I've been seeing more and more of, and I must say that I'm not opposed to it!! And I love gray! I think it would look awesome. Good luck!! I'd be curious to see how the copper turns out if you went that route. Def. haven't seen too many ppl do that before :)


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