more right than wrong

Early morning reflections can be a good thing.  I'm not tired, I'm not cranky, the house is still tidy and peaceful.

Here's what I've done right this week:

  • Finished organizing the upstairs medicine/bathroom storage cabinet.  For 7 years, I've moved boxes and boxes of toiletries.  Free samples, mostly empty tubes, non-exciting smells, etc.  I am unable to throw these perfectly useful items away, but I don't use them!  I prefer the new products!  For the past YEAR, I've whittled away at these products.... mostly because my budget doesn't allow for such needless purchases.  So, after a year of using up bath & beauty products and a year of feeling stressed every time I opened that closet... it is zen!  I can't tell you how many times I've opened the door just to look at the organization in there!
  • Organized the 2 turn-around shelves in my kitchen.  I can now find lids to storage bowls and ...uh... actually turn the shelf w/o things falling off!  This also entailed cleaning off a corner of my countertop that I've allowed to become a collection zone.  Convinicng myself that guests wouldn't notice.  Seriously, it took a mere 5 minutes to put those misc items back where they belong!
  • Organized the kitchen junk drawer.  OMG... I refused to even take a before picture it was so unreal.  It was my grandparents junk drawer, and clearly we didn't clean it and just added to it.  There was the most ridiculous stuff in there!  So much that I wouldn't be able to get it all to fit back in there if I tried!  YUCK!  
  • UNPACKED some random boxes of random junk that have been sitting in the basement for about 2 years!  I even found some things that I've sworn were missing... go figure!
  • ART & MUSIC & READING!  While my house does scream "KIDS LIVE HERE", I (try) keep all the plastic, noisy toys tucked away in the play room/balcony.  In our main living areas I keep only ART SUPPLIES (play dough, colored pencils, crayons, paper, stickers), MUSIC SUPPLIES (an array of professional drums designed for kids, maracas, bells, tambourines...), a basket of books, a cloth IKEA BARN stuffed full of cloth animals, and a fair-trade basket stuffed with baby toys and a few toys that weren't put away upstairs.  So our main living area still has plenty of goodies around for the kids, but hubby and I can stand the sight of our own house!  (ok, our leather storage ottoman is also used as a toy box, but I rarely open it so that the toys inside are exciting to the kids)
  • Speaking of ART, Hazel LOVES to paint!  My parents, our neighbors & Hazel's playmates, have been on vacation for about 2 weeks.  This week while talking on the phone to Hazel, Junko/Grandpa asked her to make him a snowflake and Llama/Grandma asked her to make her a balloon.  I hope they get home SOON... she's been in production for days :)  This morning (it's only 8:30am), she's painted a snowflake, a balloon and 3 hearts (the hearts are for mama, daddy & our soon-to-arrive guest, Shannon).  Each time she finished one, she tells me who it's for and says "This make ___ sooo happy!". 
Well, it's time to start the day... feeling good about all the things I've done right and forgiving myself for all the things I've done wrong (notice how I didn't share those :)  It's silly how long I've let these LITTLE projects hang over my head.  10 minutes of organizing to free myself from a monkey on my back... WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG?


  1. Amen, sister. I'm going to do the same thing right now. Those platters that have been on our dining room table, since, uh, Thanksgiving (?) might actually get put away today~

  2. Your organization does look great! I love the labels! Hazel beautiful heart does make me soooo happy;)


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