a lifetime of firsts

One of the gifts of motherhood is getting the chance to observe growth.  I'm positive that I could blog about a FIRST everyday.  It's simply incredible.

Today, I noticed how Heidi has mastered a monkey cling with her arms, feet, hands, and head anytime I get near her crib.  She used to love sleeping there and now fights it with her whole being.  Oh how it pulls at my heart strings to pry her off me and set her down.  The looks of sadness and betrayal cuts right through me.

Today, I noticed how perfectly Hazel and Logan (her playmate) enter into each yoga pose.  It's an activity that I've only done a few times, and today in my sleep-deprived state (ahem Miss Heidi!), it seemed like a great thing to do.  Their little toddler bodies move so gracefully and though they don't always do the pose I'm leading, they often end up in perfectly formed poses.  Proof that yoga is the perfect, natural movement for our bodies.

Today, I heard a small scuffle and a high-pitched squeal.  A noise I hear often when the toddlers are having problems sharing.  I was (and am) sitting in my favorite chair at the base of the steps.  I have a perfect view of our living space AND the playroom loft above.  In my best "mom" voice, I said "you both need to share or that toy will go in time-out for the rest of the day".  This happens A LOT.  As I started up the stairs, I heard absolute silence.  Two guilty eyes were peering at me from around the couch.  For the first time ever I heard "mama, no come up here!".  I've always been wanted for playtime and thought it was amusing that they never associated mama-the-playmate with mama-the-dictator.

Today, I helped Heidi walk a foot or two as I held onto her hands.  Then I watched Raegan, her playmate, walk a whole 3 steps unassisted!

The times...they are a-changing...


  1. Fer shisle.
    Yesterday, I came home and I felt like I hadn't seen Annie in weeks, not hours. She's suddenly reading to herself, nodding or shaking her head to say yes or no, and is such a big girl!
    Oh, I hate working so much.
    I'm glad that you appreciate all of the little changes with your girls, even though you see them all day, every day. You're such a great mom!

  2. Julie, yes, I do sit! Probably too much some days (but that's our little secret). I would LOVE to see pics of Hazel in her tutu! Please share :-) Oh, and that "nursery" is actually Reese's room...I think I called it that because the crib is still in there...yes, she still sleeps in a crib! I try to keep 'em there as long as I can ;-) Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

  3. I love that you have your toddlers doing yoga poses! So great for their young bodies! I wish I knew yoga that young!

    So sweet how much you get to taken in everyday with these kids. You're an awesome mom!


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