handmade Christmas 2012

Hi all!  I am so inspired this year to continue my surprising new-found-love of crafting!  I think about crafting with felt and wool all.the.time!  This morning, I thought of a brilliant idea:  start a blog group that preps for Christmas 2012 by making ONE GIFT A MONTH.  Of course, I'd have to make a new blog for this so that I could hide it from all the people I'll be making gifts for.  Lucky for me, I googled the idea first, and Sew Like My Mom has already pitched the idea (and I think she already knows how to throw linky parties each month... one less thing I need to learn/ squeeze into my limited computer time).  So, I'll be joining her each month... and attempting to hide my gifts from my nosy family :)

So, who is gonna join us?  If we make ONE THING A MONTH, we'll have 12 awesome handmade gifts!  Now, we just need to give ourselves credit and give ONLY the handmade gift!  My sister and I always intend to do this but then feel guilty that we didn't spend money, so we pair the handmade gift with something.  NO MORE I SAY!  My thought, time & talents are the best gifts that I can give my loved ones!

Need some inspiration (or want to request something specific?), here is my Pinterest craft idea board :)


  1. I'm in. Don't understand how to keep it from each other...but I'm sure you'll let me know how to do that!

    Homemade Christmas! Love it.

  2. Well, yeah, now that I think of it, we will have to put photos of the gifts online...oh well!

  3. I think you should share them. We won't know which gift we're getting. . . and it'll inspire each other to craft-on!
    I like the idea. A LOT. I'll start, too.

  4. I am in. I am almost finished with the January gift... a butterfly rag quilt for Grace. Most of mine will involve flannel since I have 6 bolts of it that I got at Joannes the day after Thanksgiving for $1.25/yard.

  5. Oh I should, Oh I should... how great/challenging/fun/rewarding would it be?


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