EASY diy silhouette ornament

Silhouettes are incredibly beautiful... and popular!  I don't own Photoshop and have not been able to turn a picture into a digital silhouette via Picassa.  Ho hum... I really really wanted on that bandwagon!

After lots of time looking online for ideas and inspiration, I combined a few and created my own EASY DIY SILHOUETTE ORNAMENTS.

I didn't take pics of the process, because it's really so easy that once I tell you my little secret, you'll completely be able to replicate this idea!  The hardest part was getting nice silhouette pictures of babies and toddlers.  I made these for 6 of my favorite babes.  Some silhouettes were better than others.  Hazel's, pictured above, is my favorite.  A crisp profile, slim neck, and curled ponytail!

TIPS for getting a good profile pic:

  • Take lots and lots of pictures while the kids are playing.  I started this in October so I could take the pics while the kids were playing outside.  I was so glad to have these pictures when it came time to make Christmas ornaments.
  • If your best profile pic is of the child looking over his/her shoulder, you need to FAKE A NECK when you cut it out.  I neglected to do that for one and a silhouette is not nearly as nice if it ends at the chin!
  • If the child has long hair, pony tails look best.  Hair that hangs past the neck gets lost in a silhouette and the child will look bald or simply odd.
  • Encourage fly away hairs!  Crazy, I know, but boy and baby silhouettes look better if you can cut a few hairs sticking up.
How to turn your pic into a silhouette:
  • crop it so that it fills a 4x6 frame.  Be sure not to crop the top of the head or neck.
  • Print it on thick paper (black and white printing is fine!)
  • Simply CUT OUT around the face, hair AND NECK (seriously, don't forget the neck!)
  • Using a foam brush, paint the entire silhouette (the secret!).  I used black for the pic above... then I ran out of black paint.  So I used brown, which was blah, so I sprayed some adhesive on it and added gold glitter.  I feel like the glitter took away from the details of the profile.  So, in the future (or when I finish the sets for the grandparents... hopefully before next Christmas... there's no excuse for my extreme procrastination, this project is fast and easy... I just like to self-sabotage.. but that's a whole separate post)... IN THE FUTURE, I will stick to solid colors, but not brown.
  • Allow the paint to dry (duh).  My pics seriously curled and some of the paint got marred.  So, perhaps tack your pics down with putty first.  I had to do about 3 coats because I printed my pics on glossy photo paper.
  • For the ornament, you can use cardboard, felt, or foam board.  I opted for foam board because it holds its shape and easy to write on!  I used a drinking glass to make the circle, and added a small tab. I used a hole punch to make the hole look clean and nice. 
  • Hot glue the silhouette onto the ornament.
  • On the reverse of the ornaments, I put an outline of the child's hand, their name, and the date.  
    • note:  for babies or impatient toddlers, paint their hand with nontoxic paint and have them make a lot of hand prints on a piece of scrap paper.  Cut-out one of those hand prints and trace that onto the ornament.
  • Using a small piece of pipe cleaner, make a hook and attach it through the ornament's hole.  


Oh how I L.O.V.E. comments! Thanks for taking a walk on the (koskersidle)WILD side :)