youngster proof Christmas tree

If you spend any time on Pinterest, you have seen this idea, but for those of you that haven't... prepare to be amazed.  Ok, maybe I'm overselling this, but amazed was my reaction.  I love finding simple ideas that are so OBVIOUS, yet I never would have thought of it without inspiration.  Here's a link to the original inspiration.

My homemade felt on felt Christmas tree.  Two of my favorite weekly visitors are testing it out for me... they approve!

Since most days I have 2 toddlers and 2 crawlers (holla holla Heidi just started cruising Friday evening!), I was not excited about the prospect of spending most of my days saving the tree from curious hands and pine needles from infants' digestive tracts.  Here is the answer to my dilemma!  I made my tree about 5 feet tall, gave it a Grinch-y twist and made a few ornaments.  SO EASY!  

Jake's Aunt Lou recently gave me a bin stuffed full of ribbons, rick rack & lace.  So I spent about a 1/2 hour cutting and hot gluing and whadda-bing-whadda-boom... A toddler proof tree just asking to be redecorated (note:  felt sticks to felt!).  So thanks Aunt Lou!  You saved me lots of time and money and made our tree look WAY cuter than the plain ornaments I would've come up with.  I plan to make a lot more ornaments in the future!

I do LOVE a real Christmas tree, but I'm gonna wait until the week of Christmas.  My sanity is precarious enough as it is :)


  1. Love it. Love love love it! This is perfect, and what a fun thing for the girls!! How did I miss this on Pinterest???

  2. Julie, it turned out great! :) I'm sure your little ones will LOVE it! :)

  3. I saw this and thought of doing it for the studio kids next year!

    Are you a Pinterest member? I have been trying for weeks to get a response from them to "accept" me! Your mom told me about Pinterest and now I'm hooked but I can't pin anything so I save the pins as bookmarks.

  4. it's BADDA bing BADDA boom.

    also, i think it might be impossible for me to keep up with your craftiness right now.

  5. That is one handsome little boy you have there ;)!!!

  6. I loveit! And I'm so jealous about receiveing a whole bag of rickrack! Lucky you! Oh, and those felt owls- I saw the same pattern and made some for you. Too late, I see. You're sooo on it!


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