maintaining the Christmas balance (sneak peek pics added)

*addendum* OK OK... the mothers have spoken!  I snapped a few pics of the girls dresses and have added them.  They're not great, but it's the middle of the day and the babies will soon awake and the toddlers were very impatient to jump all over the camera frame :)

One of my homemade gifts this year... a tea wreath!  Sized to fit inside your cabinet door, much classier than laying boxes of teas on the counter for your guests to peruse!
My easy-peasy Christmas pillows!  The large one is simply a premade felt bag that I slipped over my pillow!  The green ones are my everyday pillows that I tacked small red stockings onto.
Hazel's PURPLE sweater dress and matching headband/ ear warmer!  Really poor picture, many more when she wears it!
Heidi's red & black snowflake sweater dress with matching bonnet.  

When I made and organized my holiday TO DO list, I forgot to add blogging.  So, my apologies for not have some awesome holiday preparation posts.  There's a lot going on that I want to share, I just don't have the time to share!  In my fantasy world, I'll start my holiday preparations a month in advance, have wonderful tutorials to share, stellar photographs of it all and still be vegging with a cup of hot cocoa by 9pm every night.

The reality is that I've been up past 11pm every night and up again before 6am every morning.  Definitely not a schedule I can maintain, but I'm truly having a blast!

I LOVE Christmas dresses for my girls.  It's the one time when I really put thought and attention into their attire.  Last year a saleswoman scolded me when I asked where the Christmas dresses were.  It was the week before Christmas and they were all sold out!  It turned out great for me since I was able to piece Hazel's ensemble together from their non-Christmas clearance racks.  Last year was black velvet with deep pink accents.  LOVED IT!

This year, I had an elaborate plan built around Hazel's red & black checkered flannel shirt.  Huh?  Yup!  The shirt DOES have ruffles and I was gonna made a gorgeous black skirt and a coordinating red & black jumper for Heidi.  I was at Goodwill a few weeks ago (since it's in our MALL!) and saw an awesome red & black wool sweater.  Immediately I thought, "I bet I could use that to make Heidi's jumper".

Well, that idea has taken on a life of it's own.  I'm elbow deep in felting wool sweaters (I picked up 4 more at Goodwill this weekend) and making things out of this thick, warm, gorgeous fabric.  It's SO fun to work with!  You simply shrink your sweaters until they don't unravel when cut.  I feel a little like the Grinch when he takes his scissors, quickly cuts out a Santa suit shape, throws a few stitches in and badda BING... he has an outfit!

I've now made 2 dresses (which take about 30 minutes start-to-finish!  well, they would if I ever did one thing at a time and/or was kid free for 30 minutes), 5 headband/ear muffs, a really warm bonnet for Heidi, a set of cashmere mittens, countless roses to decorate it all, and I've barely DENTED my stock pile!  Oh, why oh why didn't I start this before this week?

Photos to come, I promise!  In the meantime, blare some Christmas music and remind yourself that your TO DO list isn't nearly as important as your sanity :)


  1. #OOHOO. Can't wait to see the results of your happiness/lack of sleep/sanity-tester!

    No pressure, Sweetie..
    Can't wait to see what you have created this time...

  3. They are soooo cute...
    Love the little roses..(Hint)
    What a "fantastic" talanted Mama you are...


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