it's the most wonderful time

I'm a bit behind on my to-do list, but DESPITE THE FACT THAT I'VE BEEN UP SINCE 4:30 (oh Hazel, I can't wait to return these favors someday), I'm going to have an uber productive day and then get to relax and enjoy the next few days.  Sounds like a tall order, but it's achieveable.

Hubby begged and pleaded with me to take a nap today since our kids will be napping at their grandparents house.  Seems he thinks I might push myself too hard and then be a bit cranky tonight.  BA HUM BUG.  Oh, that proves him correct... Well, I arranged these kid-free hours to get things done and done will be done (that makes sense to me)!

My goals for today are:  clean the entire house, prep Christmas day foods & wrap presents.  I should have no problem doing all of that in about 3-4 hours if I have no "helpers" in the house!  This evening, we will finally decorate our tree (twice as tall as any tree we've ever had and the local stores are all out of lights already!  oops!).

Then tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow!  CHRISTMAS EVE... my favorite!  Christmas Eve continues to have an aura of wonder and excitement for me.  Deeply feeling the humanness of my Lord's birth, singing Silent Night in a candle lit church with those I love most dearly, sharing gifts with loved ones, eating decadent foods and most of all, watching Hazel enjoy it all.  Ok, Heidi too, but she's really to young for it all. Still, she'll bob her body in rhythm to Silent Night and chew wrapping paper and have a wonderful time.

But Hazel, wow!  This morning (at 4:30 am... did I mention that yet?), she said to me:  "Hadel got tree for YOU!".  She had!  And as for presents... oh how she LOVES them!  Check out this montage from her Grandma Llama's birthday 2 weeks ago.  She knows just how to react after a man gives you a small gold box ;)

*notice the picture behind my dad's head.  Hazel wanted to decorate with balloons for Llama's birthday party and I didn't have any.  So, she drew lots and lots of colorful circles on paper and we hung them on the windows.  It's the first time she "drew" something specific.  I was SO surprised!

and Christmas Eve is just the tip of the iceberg!  Christmas morning with Jake's mom and stepdad, Christmas dinner with his brother, 3 of my cousins visit for a few laughter filled days... and then MY SISTER, CHRISTOPH and ANNIE have a 3-day layover as they fly from Germany to Alaska.  Sorry, but no present can compare to getting to spend some time with them.  Last Christmas we said goodbye not knowing how much time would pass before we'd be together.  So, don't look for me online... I'll be snuggling with my 1-year-old niece and taking one bajillion photos.

p.s.  if you're a local friend who also wants to see my sister... SORRY!  We are locking them up in the Compound and are not sharing any of our time with them.  For reals :)


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