Heidi Rose @ 8 months

photo by Whitney Lehman Killinger during our Thanksgiving photo shoot.  We had fun playing around with some Christmas card ideas.  Since the computer I upload my photos on to is still injured.... I'm using these adorable photos from Whit for her 8-month post.  Since, the 7-month photos are still ON my camera and not on the blog :(
Heidi-loo-who, how I love you...  Sweet Heidi hears many versions of that verse.  I can't help but sing it to her ALLDAYLONG, pausing only to nuzzle into her folds of fat neck!  Hazel truly thinks here name is "Heidiwho".

At 8 months, Heidi is often found on her hands and knees, rocking front and back, experimenting with drawing one knee forward, one hand forward, rock rock rock, face plant on the ground, CRY...  It's been WEEKS since she's mastered getting into the crawl position and though she certainly has gone forward a few times, she doesn't understand how it works.  It's a frustrating life for her!

She checks in at 18.1 pounds!  Wow!  That's a lot of sweetness.  She's wearing 6-9 month clothing and growing steadily.

Her favorite foods are any fruits, followed up by veggies (as long as they're super purred... so she pretty much refuses to eat my homemade foods), and the newest addition, HAM!  However, she really doesn't like cereal, but I keep trying and mixing it with fruit so that she gets some iron.  I'm using a lot of store bought baby food, something I only used when I traveled with Hazel.  I really really hope that she doesn't develop some bad food habits, like only eating processed foods.

The other trademark move of 8-months is her CLAW!  I trim her nails almost daily because she is a grabber/scratcher/kneader.  Seriously, some days my neck looks like I lost a fight with a cat.  Given the chance, she grabs my lip, neck or chest and rapid-fire-clasps.  Suffice to say, I've learned to feed her while pinning one of her hands under my arm and holding the other hand.

Another bad habit that she's started... well with her dad's encouragement (ahem):  About an hour after bedtime (8:30pm-ish), she awakes and cries until we (he) retrieves her and allows her to snuggle on his chest until his bedtime (midnight-ish).  Her snuggles are life's greatest joy and her babyness is so fleeting.  However, some nights... I curse at glare at them both.  Take right now, it's 9:40pm and Heidi just started screaming and now... she is on my lap, sucking her two fingers, looking as innocent as...uhhh...is there a phrase to finish that sentence?  YOU GET MY POINT!  So instead of some much needed ALONE time tonight, I will be snuggling this sweet smelling ball of goo.  Ok, I no longer feel sorry for myself.  Wait, if I zerbert her neck, she'll wake up enough to giggle.  Ahhh... that's the stuff...  Ok, back to sleep Heidi.  I mean it!  I'm your mama!  You should listen to me!  I'll give you the stink eye... WHY IS MY STINK EYE SO INEFFECTIVE?

Wow, guess what kind of day I had at home with 3 two-year-olds and 2 eight-month-olds?  Time to back away from the computer... very slowly...

Another sneak peek:
there's just gotta be a clever caption for this one!


  1. Those pictures are absolutely fantastic!

  2. Heidi's getting so big! I can't wait to see her!

  3. What cute pictures! They inspired me to post the ones I took a few weeks ago. Now, though, we just got Christoph's present in the mail (a new camera) and so I want to shoot the picture again- this time with a better camera! Cute!

  4. I can't wait to get a Christmas card from the girls (aka you)! And I love how Heidi is eating the lights (which are warned for lead poisoning if you live in CA)!!!:) Your daughters are the definition of cuteness!

  5. Super cute photos!! I keep forgetting its the holiday season...

  6. I dipped the bulbs in peppermint! Ha ha! Can I have her presents?

    Daddy's idea :)


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