wicks and red jumpsuits

Yesterday was the first day of Advent.  A season of preparation and anticipation for Jesus' birth.  Each Sunday, the choir sings, "Keep your lamps trimmed and burning, the time is drawing nigh."   Such a perfect song to keep our perspective focused on the exciting reason for the season!  Here's the song on YouTube, but in all sincerity, my choir does it so much better... with more energy, excitement and definitely more soulful drumming!

Today I will hang my Advent calendar, place our nativity candle (that we use as our Advent candle) on our table to light daily during our family dinner, and best of all... this year I've made a 5 foot felt Christmas tree to hang on the wall!  Crazy?  Perhaps... but a nice compromise between a mama who wants her Christmas tree up all season and a woman that wants to stay sane and not spend the next 25+ days saving ornaments from toddler hands and pine needles from baby mouths!  I intend to spend my day making lots of felt ornaments that will self stick to the tree... perfect for unlimited toddler entertainment/ decorating.  If you'd like more insight/ ideas for Advent, HERE is a great article!  And whether you personally celebrate Advent or not, please give me two more minutes and watch this great video... the better you understand this season, the better you understand your neighbors :)

As for the red jumpsuit, well Hazel has begun to get Santa Claus fever and I can literally SEE the wheels turning as she begins to learn about Santa and presents :)  However, the real reason I'm thinking about a red jumpsuit is because I spent a few minutes checking some of my favorite online retailers (Gap & Old Navy) in hopes of finding fleece lined overalls (they don't.  they are saving me from myself.).  STYLISH!  I remember when they carried that article years and years ago and now that I'm a stay-at-home-mom/  babysitter... I TOTALLY get why Caillou's teacher wears a red jumpsuit (drat, can't find an image online for you.  Caillou is Hazel's favorite/ only TV show and his teacher wears a red jumpsuit everyday!  Gasp!  Ok, it's just a cartoon, but STILL!).

(time to wrap up my tangents:)  I encourage you to join me on this rainy 1st day of hunting (if you live in rural PA... this day is an actual HOLIDAY!) and pull out a few (or all) of your holiday decorations... and keep those lamps trimmed and burning... the time is drawing nigh!

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