What a very pretty hat!

Last night Hazel spent the night with her Grandma Orris ("Llama").  This morning Jake left for his new part-time job at 7am (I have the greatest hubby on the planet!).  What did Heidi and I do?  We SLEPT... 'cause that's what we do best!  She is DEFINITELY my daughter :)

Now I am sitting at my parents house, drinking their coffee and waiting for my Pop Tart to POP (they have OREO pop tarts!  No wonder Hazel wants to live here!).  Guess what we're watching on TV?

MARY POPPINS!  I had completely forgotten how my sister and I would race to quote "What a very pretty hat" at exactly the right time at the beginning of the movie when they nanny left.  Wonder what other gems I'll rediscover?  Just wish my dad was here to watch it with us... it is his favorite movie (didn't see that one coming, did ya?)

p.s. my computer is still broken so I won't be around much!


  1. I just POPped over to your blog... couldn't resist. I'll never watch the beginning of Mary Poppins and not think of that now :)

    P.S. What's the new part-time job?

  2. Oh wow! I call my mom "Llama!"
    -Ashley (Shannon's friend) :-)

  3. I would have never guess that came from Mary Poppins! AND that was my favorite movie when I was a kid! I used to write letters to her (and rip them up in the fireplace of course) asking her to come clean my room... my mom was a good sport!


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