It's 7am... are you snuggled in your bed or just returning home after a morning of sales?  Me, it's my morning to get up with the girls.

As usual, I use this time to allow a little TV watching for Hazel as I drink my coffee and plug-in to my favorite websites.  Oh internet, you really help this stay-at-home mom survive!

I've never ever ever shopped on Black Friday before.  That's not about to change, but somehow my fingers have a mind of their own this morning... luckily, they're just curious and haven't memorized my credit card numbers!  The first website I went to:  store.apple.com .  Shameless :)  Yesterday, I saw/ played with an iPad... for the first time EVER!  Crazy, I know!  I've been hearing about those gizmos for over a year and slowly they seem to be more and more popular, but I had never seen one, nor did I understand their allure.  Until yesterday!  WOW!  They're $50 off today...

How about you?  Do you shop on Black Friday?  I intend to use this gorgeous day for family time and crafting time... if I can control these fingers....

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  1. Hi friend!!

    We had NO intention of shopping... got up late, lazied around. Then on a whim decided to take the kids with us and hit some stores. It was quick, fun, and we scored some SERIOUS deals!

    Hope you are doing well Julie!


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