the season of WHY

After a jam-packed, fun and family filled weekend away... we are back in our nest!  I'm tickled pink to mention that my computer problems are almost solved... still have to get a new power cord for my old computer so I still can't post Heidi's 7-month photo.  Last night Jake and I were wide-eyed shocked to encounter THE RETURN OF THE CRASH.  What's that you ask?  That's what happens after a certain toddler spends the weekend visiting with relatives and then suddenly finds herself back to normal life.  Wow.  Apparently, 7-month olds aren't immune to the CRASH either.  Wow.

Speaking of a certain golden haired toddler, her language grows exponentially every week.  A few months ago I noticed that she wasn't talking as much as other kids her age.  I wasn't concerned, but it was noticeable.  However, now she is way more verbal than most toddlers.  She speaks in complex sentences that amaze us with their complex thinking and understanding.  Mostly it's the "why" question that surprises me.  I didn't realize this would happen at such a young age.  She cocks her head, furrows her brows, pauses at each word while carefully creating her sentences.  Currently I am being frequently interrupted as she asks WHY she can't color with crayon on various surfaces.  "Because crayons are just for paper."

I'm thankful for a nice weekend away... and now I'm thankful to be home (where just this morning we saw 50+ turkeys out our window!).


  1. Yeah, the CRASH is no fun. Todd's cousin used to call it "Being Grammified" (since it always occured for her at Gramma's...)

  2. I totally thought that this meant that your little ones were exhausted and CRASH (sleeping) early! Now I've read Shayne's comment and I get it...

    I'm excited for you to be back on line (for real) so we can see some more pictures of the girls!!


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