Our laptop power cord has died and so we are truly offline!  Currently I'm using my father's swanky laptop.  It runs so smoothly and quickly... wonder if he's senile enough not to notice if I try to switch him laptops?  I mean, they are both black and have buttons (the computers, not my father)!  HA!  Speaking of senile, I'm thrilled to publicly announce that my dad officially retired on Tuesday!

Wow!  Can't believe my parents are old enough to be retired.  In true old person form, they're planning a roadtrip to Florida this winter :)  Ok, they're not old and they'll most likely spend their vacation biking, hiking, exploring, and sipping!  Regardless, this time of leisure is well deserved!  I'm so happy for them!

My dad kicked off his retirement with a major surgery on Tuesday.  That guy can party!  Now we're praying for a speedy recovery and a dozen (plus) healthy years to enjoy their retirement together.

While I'm powerless to make my dad feel better right now, I do have 2 secret weapons that bring him joy.  Off to make some Get Well cards with the cutest Candy Stripers in town (wait... or is it Candy Strippers?  I'm trying to refer to the young people who bring cheer to people in the hospital... not some girl named "Candy" who takes her clothes off!)

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