makin me smile and feelin grateful

It's 6:30 am and I've been awake for way too long.  Little Heidi-loo-who seems to be quite the morning person. And yet, despite losing a precious hour or so of sleep, watching her wiggle on the floor, practicing her crawling moves (though they are not coordinated enough yet to help her move very far), play with her toys, and make silly baby noises, how can I be anything but happy?

Yesterday I made one of my quickest craft projects yet.  A simple burlap pennant banner that says "give thanks".

I'm oh-so-tempted to write/start a thankfulness post 'cause it is that time of year.  Many of the bloggers I read have done this and each time they mention something so simple that it makes me smile and my heart fill with gratitude.

However, I'm not composing a list because that's kind of what my entire blog is to me, a place to record the moments I'm most thankful for.

Soon Hazel will wake up with a massive case of bedhead.  I may or may not attempt to control it before 3 of our littlest friends arrive to spend the day with us.  My day will be nonstop action with diapers, tears (not my own...hopefully), snacks, toy mayhem, songs, activities, s.l.o.w. walks through the woods, forced naps (not my own... bummer), and lots of hugs and cuddles.

It's certainly not the life I imagined nor the life that required enormous sums of money to give my brain lots of wrinkles, but it's the life I've chosen, the life I love and certainly, the life I am grateful for.

Since I still haven't fixed my old laptop and therefore can't share my own pictures, take a moment to enjoy this sweet song.  My mom, the music teacher, bought this childrens' book a few years ago and despite the teasing she endures from her son-in-law, she plays this song for us every year as we all gather round to look at the beautiful illustrations.  A beautiful reminder that life is a gift... complete with it's snags, pains and warts.

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