life's ups and downs

My sister just discussed how sometimes life is a breeze... and sometimes life is a STORM.  I've been feeling that this week.

I have a lot of wonderful acquaintances and a few very wonderful close friends.  My husband recently had to reassure some loved ones that I enjoy my time with them, but after 24-hours... I begin to get the itch for solitude.   My sister can fill every hour of the day with visits/chats/activities with friends.  I cannot.

I think I'm more like my Grandma Orris.  She passed away when I was 13-ish, and I remember her as a fun, kind, gentle woman.  She was, but I've also learned that she tended towards the loner and had very few close friends.  In high school, I thought that was a horrible way to be.  I wanted my friends around me constantly (especially if they were male).  By my 20's, I began turning down social offers in order to get to bed early.  Kinda lame, but true to myself.  I even went to bed early on my 21st birthday in order to be chipper for my morning yoga class!

This week I've been thinking a lot about my friends.  I love them so dearly.

This weekend I am so excited to celebrate the engagement of two very dear friends.  In fact, I'm so excited about their engagement, that I'm celebrating with them on Saturday at a big party AND on Sunday with an intimate dinner at my house.  Ty, the bridegroom,  has grown up with me.  6 days a week from Kindergarten to 12th grade (school and church).  Feel kinda bad for him don't you?  Now our friendship has evolved...err.. maybe not... word on the street is that I can be a bit bratty (or HILARIOUS) when I tease him.  We share many of the same interests and without my permission, he fell in love with one of my Lutherlyn friends, Amanda.  WORLDS COLLIDED and I had nothing to do with it!  I am so happy for them!

This week I get to spend time with my Thanksgiving family.  Not biological family, but family just the same.  The adults stay with my parents and their daughter stays with me.  She and I have spent almost every Thanksgiving together whispering secrets into the wee hours of the night.  This year will be much the same, except with real grown-up problems, pain and tears.  However, no matter what horrible things we face in life, we will face them together and we will still find time for laughter (and over eating) simply because we love spending time together.

Sometimes life throws curve balls, but through it all we are blessed with our friends.  The sisters and brothers we were not born with, but that we've chosen to share our lives with.


  1. don't worry. i need my alone time, too.
    Enjoy Thanksgiving. I'll miss you guys.

  2. :) thanks for the delicious dinner! maybe we can get engaged every week...?


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