sparkle eyed and bushy (reindeer) tailed

I got a 5-hour stretch of sleep last night!  My mega sleeper has been cluster feeding at night.  Like a clock:  10, 1, 4, 7.  She and I can both sleep while she feeds, but I still have to wake-up to bring her to my bed and to return her.  My REMs have been suffering.

It might have something to do with the fact that on a whim, I fed her real food at 8pm.  She slept through dinner and wasn't fussy, so there was no way to know that she was hungry.  However, she ate and ENTIRE JAR of ham!  She never eats that much!  It was her first meat too!

I'm also feeling much better about my Christmas receiving concerns (though I'm still hoping to hear about your experiences and thoughts).  My husband pointed out that I simply can't imagine a Christmas different from what I experienced as a child.  He told me how cool it was that Santa left presents for him at his grandparents' house.  HO HO HA! 

So, I'll simply ask the grandparents to allow Santa to give one or two of the bigger gifts they have!  AWESOME!  

And because I hate to leave you wishing for more tangents (oh, the wonder of my brain)... let me tell you that if you think you've ever seen someone's eyes sparkle... YOU HAVEN'T!  Last night, it was time for bed, but Hazel was having a little "I WANT TO WATCH CALLIOU" meltdown.  Super dad solved that problem-o by suggesting that they pretend to BE Calliou!  He told Hazel that she would be Caillou, he would be Grandpa (because Caillou and Grandpa sleep in a tent in one episode) and Heidi Rose would be little sister, Rosie.  OH MY GOODNESS!  She ran around the house saying, "Hadel be Caillou, Dadda Granpa.  Hadel be Caillou, Dadda Granpa".  Sparkle sparkle sparkle.  Hello imagination, so nice to play with you!

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  1. Kudos to Jake for a creative solution to the Caillou problem!


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