Trick or Treat!

Jake nailed it the other day when I was wishing I could remember the play-filled (bill free) days of my youth.  He said, "that's why people have kids".  Ok, that's not the ONLY reason, but boy is it fun to be reminded of the pure joy of the little things.

This was the first year that Hazel "got" Halloween.  I found her fairy dress at Goodwill and since I wasn't quite sure what it was, I decided it is Abbie Cadabbie's dress (a fairy on Sesame Street.  I probably spelled it wrong, but I lack the oomph to look it up.).  Over the past few weeks we've watched a few segments of "Abbie Abbie" (as Hazel calls her) and talked about her attire.  Wings, a wand, eye shadow, pigtails... we got this!

May I present  ABBIE ABBIE

This is the pic from my cell phone.  Now I just won the "Lame Mama Award" since I'm not even bothering to edit it or turn it.  However, look at the PURE JOY on her sparkly face!  I didn't buy play make-up, but I let her dip her fingers in my sparkly nude eye shadow, used green concealer ('cause let's face it... green concealer just makes me look like I have green zits) for her bold eye shadow, and pink eye shadow for blush.  We had fun playing, but she definitely is prettier WITHOUT make-up!

I'll be posting more pics of Hazel's BEST NIGHT OF HER LIFE soon... and maybe a pic or two of a mama tree with a baby owl in a nest :)  For now, this is the only pic I have readily available on the computer and I'm very tired and am anxious not to blow a whole nap time by being on the computer.  This tree needs some rest before partying the night away... AGAIN (oh, life is sooo rough!).

The point I wanted to make today is how wonderful it is to live vicariously through my growing daughters.  Hazel couldn't believe that people kept putting candy in her bag... and maybe more surprising, I WAS LETTING THEM!  When we got home from the church Halloween party (Trunk or Treat is such a great idea for country folks who don't have neighbors!), Hazel dumped her candy on the floor and was truly spellbound (or maybe that's what sugar shock looks like)!  I remember doing the same thing after my sister and I would go Trick-or-Treating with our friends Megan and Jarod (hmm... and now I don't even remember which spelling of his name is correct...).  We'd return to their house in the city and then take over the parlor, each making a separate pile of our candy gold, sampling a few, trying to trade for more Reese's cups and simply feeling richer than a King!

Perhaps Halloween isn't about (being old enough to know better) attempting to dress slutty after all!  WHO KNEW?


  1. Hazel is a wonderful looking fairy! And the look on her face is pure happiness:)

  2. I don't think my comment worked the other day (if it did oops here's another!). I LOVE the look on Hazel's face in this picture! She is so excited to be Abbie!! I can't wait until your back on line so we can see some more pictures!!


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