Sunday morning lessons

It's only 7:30, but my sweet toddler has taught me so much already this morning.

I've grimaced about 10 times... no probably more like 30 times... when she has instructed me to do something NOW.  While redressing her baby doll (which happened 2 minutes after getting out of bed.  what else would I be doing at 6:06 AM?!?):  "shirt off NOW!"  "socks on NOW!".  And then after a glance at the couch:  "Caillou NOW!", "TV NOW!".  And most recently "peena bute ted bea NOW"  (peanut butter with honey from the teddy bear bottle on bread).

Each time, I make her rephrase the question nicely and she does it easily "peena bute ted bea PEESE mama".  However, I hang my head in shame each time she orders me around because there's only one way she's learning to talk like that:  "Hazel, come here NOW!", "Hazel, get off your sister NOW!", "Hazel, stop pushing your friends NOW!", etc.  Oops.

However, as she began to eat her first breakfast (the sandwich is merely the 1st course for my growing girl), I reminded her that today we'll go to Sunday School and Church.  She looked at me and said "Bible love ME!".  Ahh, now THAT I didn't teach her.  That is the result of her sweet Sunday School teacher who has now taught her to name "Jesus", "Cross" and "Bible".  And that my friends is why joining a religious community is so important.  We can all use a little help when it comes to learning and living life's lessons!

So to all my bloggy friends, I say to you this morning:  "do something nice NOW" and I remind you that the Bible loves you... or something like that ;)


  1. I miss you guys. :)

    I feel your pain. When I hear my children talking to one another the way I talk to them, it's quite painful.

    So glad Hazel likes going to Sunday School, and that she's learning the important stuff early.

  2. Come to Alaska NOW. I need some Hazie-time NOW. And I want to meet my other niece NOW! I need some little baby snuggles NOW.
    Oh, and I love you, NOW!


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