The other day, I commented to Jake that it's so wonderful to know who our kids are.  I'd always wondered.  I feel that my girls are destined for greatness and that these early years are their spring board.  I'm so lucky to get to be the one to raise and love them.  For 18ish years, I get to see them everyday, know their every activity, soothe every nightmare.

Hazel's language continues to flourish.  A few months ago we were excited about her first sentence:  "Baby cry".  This morning she said "Dadda gave me apple juice.".  Wow (and he had).

Then she went to the refrigerator and played with her Princess magnets.  She brought the crown to the couch and said "King".  I had no idea that she knew what a crown or a King was!  I explained that Kings are boys and Queens are girls.  She responded with "Hadel Keen SOMEDAY!".

Yup, someday she might be a Queen... or teacher or plumber or baker or...  (secretly pulling for the plumber!).  Regardless I will be one proud mama!  And if she does become a Queen, I hope her loyal subjects are prepared for a ruler who wears hiking boots :)

During the photo shoot of the girls in their early Christmas present (Snug Organics PJs), Hazel ran into the house, grabbed this book and started to "read".


  1. I think that of the options listed she'd make much more money as a plumber. Don't they make about $100 an hour? I don't make anywhere close to that as a teacher.
    Cute book!


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