An honest shot

Yes, I gave this photo shoot an honest try.  It's been raining the past few days, but I didn't succumb to the peer pressure (mother/sister pressure) and just snap some pics!  No, I was risking a few days of her growth (when you take monthly pics, a few days can be quite a big difference) and waiting for the sun.  Mr. Golden Sun... please come to play!

Today I accomplished great things.  By great, I'm referring to a few golden minutes in which I had THREE SLEEPING TODDLERS and the sun peeked out AND Heidi was awake AND I had the clarity of mind to realize the photo shoot opportunity.  If you've ever tried to put one toddler down for a nap, you'll bow to my greatness.  Am I right?  Granted, it was short lived and now, an hour later, I have one toddler staring at me and Heidi has fallen asleep.

I quickly sneak around the house, grabbing the photo props.  I arrange the sheep skin, infant scale & fuzzy blanket.  I tuck Heidi into the basket, balance her on the scale and while she happily reached for her feet... I begin to snap pics.  EXCEPT... my camera batter is dead.  You've go to be kidding me!

I charged the camera for a few minutes and headed outside again, already cursing the sun which was now a distant memory.  Oh well, at least it's not raining, right?  This time, I plopped Heidi into the basket... in too much of a hurry... this will be the LAST scale picture (without a spotter near by).  Here's the only pic I got (look closely and you see that the basket is starting to tip).
BAD MAMA!  Not only did I not take the time to find a larger basket, I didn't arrange it so that IF she fell, she'd land on her soft sheep skin.  She now has one ugly bruise on her forehead.  In fact, I just glanced at it and unconsciously my hand went to my heart and I gasped.  BAD MAMA!

I knew that the bruising would only look worse with time, so as soon as Heidi was soothed, I continued my work.  I've never been accused of being overly sympathetic ;)

So here she is, the lady of the hour.  She can use these pics in her "Wanted: New Mama" advertisement.  Notice that she's not smiling.  I also just noticed that I forgot to include the number 6 in the photo shoot.  Drat!  Maybe I'll take a few more pics later... maybe...

The sleeping photo was just a whim after the official photo shoot.  I laid her on her sheep skin under her play gym so that she could enjoy a little free time after her strenuous modeling schedule.  She promptly wiggled herself around and fell asleep.  I happen to love the way her lips and chin look when she's sleeping so I decided to take a few more pictures.

And simply because I always like it when other bloggers show the unstaged part of the photo shoot... here's what the shot would have looked like if I hadn't hung a cream blanket up behind her:
*I keep cloth diapers folded and prepped in the green laundry basket.  Today is laundry day and so I dumped a pile of clean diapers that need to be folded on the floor.  Attractive, no?
**Do you find it wonderfully amusing that I hang her baby doll by the head in her play gym?  I rotate out various toys to spice things up... but hanging the baby doll by the head is my all-time fav!


  1. Have you noticed how similar the one picture is as the one you took of Hazel at 6 months? Love Heidi Rose, the easy tempered, loving cuddle bunny :)

  2. LOL oh julie :-P you crack me up!! i just love your posts.... I'd still give you mama of the year award, bruise or no bruise, you're rockin' it out!.. and 3 sleeping toddlers.. WOW.. that is GREAT!

  3. Do not feel bad about the tipping scale... my toddler took a wild ride down a steep hill in his stroller, because I didn't engage the brake when I stopped to go chase my dog.

    He ended up with a seriously fat lip.

    I still consider that "mother of the year" worthy.


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