So, it probably breaks all kinds of rules, but I'm making up an award and giving it to... MYSELF :)

The FRUGAL & GREEN MAMA AWARD goes to ME because I just made two mega batches of baby food.  That is cool in and of itself, but not the reason I won this award.  No, I won this prestigious award because I made FIVE POUNDS OF ORGANIC CARROTS into baby food!  Not sure I deserve the award?  How 'bout this... I got those carrots for ONE DOLLAR!  (my local Giant Eagle marks down produce that needs to be eaten pronto and I happened to be walking by right when they were resupplying the clearance section.  Clearance fruit and veggies... sounds kinda gross when I put it that way.)

Let's review:  5 pounds of organic carrot baby food for $1.  Boo Yah!

I baked the carrots instead of steaming them.  Worked great!  I almost awarded myself "THE WEIRDEST PICTURE AWARD" today.... hmmm... day is not over....

The 2nd batch of baby food?  Oh my.  One of those: WHAT WAS I THINKING moments? Our local farm stand closed last Tuesday and I panicked!  I drove down on Monday and bought THREE ENORMOUS cauliflowers ($2.50 each).  Oh my.  There was a lot of chopping, steaming, blender breaking/ food processor breaking/ falling in love with my mom's Vita-Mix 3600 (which she might have to sneak into my house and steal back 'cause I have no intention of returning it ;).  And then I discovered that you shouldn't feed cauliflower to your baby until they are 10 months old (Heidi hits 7 months this week).  Oh my.

I strongly believe that every mother needs the book:  Super Baby Foods.  I didn't make all of Hazel's food and don't intend to make all of Heidi's, but I make a lot of it and I feel so good about it!  Now that I babysit 3 toddlers throughout the week (not all at the same time!), I've seen that Hazel's diet is much more diverse than the average toddlers.  I'm sure I can't give complete credit to that book... I'd like some credit too... however, she is a great eater and I followed the recommendations of what to feed/ how to prepare/ when to introduce which foods/ etc. from Super Baby Foods.  Can't be all coincidence!

And so, to you I say "have a green day".


  1. I second your nomination for these awards (that makes it official right?)! :) nice work!

  2. Just for the record, as the oldest daughter, I think i get first dibs on Mom's stuff.
    Just kidding. You get it. Like you got my microwave, rug, AND fridge when you went to college. Proximity does have its advantages.
    love you!

  3. Hi Julie!

    I love your site! Mike and I are currently trying to add to our human family (our pet family is large enough!) So you can bet I will be looking for tips on how to be a "lazy green mama". I also wondered if you have ever heard of Juice Plus, I was introduced to it here in NE and am a big fan! We get 17 fruits and veggies every day because they are juiced and dried into a capsule! Let me know if you want more info!



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