Daring to be different

Yesterday was a beautiful Indian Summer Day in my corner of this planet.  The leaves are just about at their peak of fall vibrancy, the weather is warm enough for tees and flip flops and everyone is outside.

Well, except yesterday afternoon during the Steelers Game!

Guess what:  my Kosker quartet does NOT WATCH FOOTBALL!  Shocking isn't it?  I couldn't believe that the majority of people in my neck of the woods were indoors yesterday afternoon... come December when they are beginning to get cabin fever... I will remind them of this particular wasted day.

In the afternoon (after they watched some of the game), my parents joined me and the girls for a bike ride.  I was super excited because after a solid start to my goal of biking often with the girls this summer, I had to take a long break because a certain older sister couldn't keep her hands off of a certain little sister.
their 1st bike ride.  picture taken with cell phone camera.  doesn't Heidi look super comfy?

While we were biking, my mom chuckled and mentioned how she was thinking about how many people were on the bike trail and how it was such a great... NORMAL... thing to do.  Until she realized that my father was the ONLY one riding a recumbent bike and I'm the ONLY one pulling babies behind me in a trailer (which we got for a song at an REI sale because a nonessential part was broken!  It was our first ever baby/kid purchase.  Practical?  nope!).  For a split second, she thought that she was as normal as everyone else on the trail... until she remembered that she has the funniest bike seat ever invented (sorry, no pics, but the seat consists of two mini seats side-by-side... one for each butt cheek!).
hehe...this is from an image search for recumbent bikes.  NOT my father!  My dad's bike HAS a steering wheel and OF COURSE he wears special bike shoes that clip into the pedals.

In high school I had many conversations with a friend about how I was the epitome of normal.  He vehemently disagreed.  However I truly saw nothing about myself as different.  I have no desire to express myself through my clothes or hair or tattoos.  I have no unusual habits.  Completely normal.  DON'T YOU AGREE?

I now realize that I am different.  It has a lot to do with only having cable TV for one year of my entire life, preferring books over bars and rarely shopping (due to a combination of frugality and hatred of shopping).  I don't conform, but I don't strive not to conform.  I'm just me... and I've realized, that I'm ok with that... even if you think I'm a bit of an odd duck :)

p.s. I had a tee shirt in Junior High that said "Dare 2 B Different" and some bible verses on it.  It was during my style phase where I wore oversized tee shirts that were either religious or had nature motifs.  Yup, awesome style has always been my thing.


  1. Hehe! Being yourself is the absolute best thing you can be!

    It was a beautiful weekend! Glad you got a chance to get out. I would have loved to watch the Steelers but they weren't on here. It was naptime for us anyway.

  2. Humm, i'm starting to think i'm different too...

    Yay for beautiful fall weekends! I'm sad I'm missing most of western pa's fall!

  3. I like you, odd duck that you are.

  4. I like you, odd duck that you are.

  5. would you believe that i once had an oversized religious t-shirt phase, too?


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