a comparison @ 6 months

*please note that I've posted TWO separate things today, so please scroll down for Heidi's 6 month photo shoot.
**please note that if you read my blog, I assume that you are equally as fascinated in pics of my babies as I am.

I wanted to compare the girls cheek-to-cheek.  
So here are the best comparison shots I have of each girl at 6 months:

The lighting is different so Hazel's eye color pops a bit more.  In real life, Heidi's are equally as stunning.  Yes, they definitely look like sisters!  Though they are distinctly different in many ways, another way they are similar is in their middle-of-the-night cries!  There have been many many times during the past few weeks when one or both of them wakes up during the night due to stuffed noses and/or coughs and/or the fact that we keep a very chilly house at night.  By the time I get my weary body into their room, they're both sleeping peacefully and I truly have no idea which one of them was fussing.  Yup, mama of the year :)


  1. Look at those blue eyes!! The girls look SO similar. Isn't it crazy just how fast they grow.

  2. Wow it is amazing how similar they look. You are going to have a hard time telling who is who years later when you look at pictures.

  3. How beautiful are they? Seriously Julie girl, your heart must melt.


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